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Children of Hollywood stars who made it far from acting

The new generation has chosen a different path from that of their parents (Photo: Instagram)

The world of Hollywood is full of actors who have spent generations because of their ability to impress even the industry’s most ardent critics, but not because of their performances or character portrayals. The legacy of some great personalities has passed on to their descendants in unexpected waysBecause some children of these big stars have been very successful, but completely unrelated to the world of cinema and branch television.

These are the generations that have decided to find their own way and have managed to embark on all kinds of businesses: from sports to entrepreneurship. that is why Below, we show a tally of the most promising celebrities who are the children of major stars in the theater world.

Jamie Lee Curtis is a renowned actress who has established herself in the Hollywood industry after starring in successful film franchises halloween, black friday Hey Everything everywhere at the same time.

So the famous woman who once said infobae that her acting career came by mistake And even considering her success a miracle, she also has a daughter who has decided to find her own path and is a famous dancer.

is about Annie Guest, 35 years old and a dance teacher established in the United States. At this point, it should be noted that the woman was seen with her mother at various Hollywood shows, however, her passion for acting was never the goal.

Annie Guest prefers to devote herself to dancing (Photo: FILE)

Anne, who knows ballet, tap dancing, jazz, or even hip-hop, began her preparation at an early age and completed it during her youth. a university degree in dance,

Likewise, Jamie Lee’s adopted daughter has not only worked with renowned choreographers such as Balinda Craig-Quizada, Julie Brody, Cora Radella Feller, Leslie Sitters Bill Young, Oliver Tarpaga and Katie Neuhoff, but also works as a dance teacher in a well known company called MNR Dance Factory in Los Angeles.

As their surnames indicate, Sasha and Teo areChildren of director Steven SpielbergWhich contains a long list of films in which he collaborated, such as: Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, ET the Extra-Terrestrial, War of the Worlds, Jaws, LA Terminal, Catch Me If You Can, Saving Private Ryan among many others.

But his descendants chose a completely different path, as the two formed a musical group. called Vardello since 2010A year later, he released his first album.

The two youngsters have received all kinds of good comments on social media for their music, as they are characterized by soft and delicate lyrics.

“Wow, I didn’t expect to love it so much, it’s so relaxing and enjoyable.” “He’s so talented, I love his voice.” “They are unreliable,” netizens pointed out in the account of Youtube From Vogue, who shared a take on Spielberg’s children’s interpretation Love / Laziness.

Young got into music and continued his quest for success (Photo: IG Sassipielberg)
Young got into music and continued his quest for success (Photo: IG Sassipielberg)

So far, The future of two promises rises And, although he didn’t have a wide reach, he gained an audience that appreciated his musical talent.

Although at the beginning Dwayne Johnson-better known as rock- His dream was to become a football player and later he was a famous professional wrestler, His entry into Hollywood Has completely changed his life, as he is currently widely known for having participated in films such as Jumanji, Fast and Furious Hey Scorpio King.

But, beyond the limelight, the artist is also the father of his eldest daughter, Simone Alexandra, who was conceived with Danny Garcia, Dwayne’s girlfriend since high school.

Although the couple separated in 2007, Simone, who is currently 21 years old, She is making her mark in the world of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) as one of America’s most promising female fighters.

daughter of rock Debuted last July for the NXT segment – which usually gives young combat promises a chance to make their television debut – under the alias of Ava Rhine And a wide . has been Approval by more diligent towards this game.

In addition, her father did not hesitate to show his enthusiasm for the future that awaits Simone, since it will be the fourth generation of fighters in the family.

“I’m very proud of her. Simone Johnson, my eldest daughter, Vikas Brand, is making her WWE debut for WWE NXT, He did a good job: He came out with a mic and did a promo. You should be polite when you go out in public. He has a good wrestling name. it’s ava ren“, Told rock during an interview for Jimmy Kimmel Live,

"rock" And Simone belongs to a dynasty of wrestlers (Photo: Ig avaranewwe)
“The Rock” and Simone belong to a dynasty of wrestlers (Photo: Ig avarainewwe)

symbol son robert de niroRafael, 45, charted his life path, although at first it seemed that his career would also be destined for acting. and it’s, Although the man participated in the film power of love In 1984, he decided that it was not his passion.

So, according to their official website, they decided to become real estate agent Company Douglas Eliman. In 2003, he founded the team From Niro Contribution of approximately $250 million per year in additional sales within the said institution.

Rafael De Niro has made the world of real estate a priority (Photo: Ig niroraphaelde)
Rafael De Niro has made the world of real estate a priority (Photo: Ig niroraphaelde)

In 2018, he became a founding member of the New York Board Residential Agent Continuum and some of its most famous clients are Renee Zellweger and Kelly Ripa.

Ben Ford has a long line behind him, as his father, Harrison Ford, is one of the most famous actors in the film industry. entertainment around the world for their performance in like a saga star wars, Cowboys and aliens I Indiana Jones.

However, beyond the star who. gave life to the character of is it In star wars, His son, Ben Ford, made the world of gastronomy a priority and embarked on a brilliant career as a chef.

Ben Ford is a renowned chef (Photo: IG Sheffbenford)
Ben Ford is a renowned chef (Photo: IG Sheffbenford)

In this sense, Harrison’s son is known for his famous restaurant Culver City Ford Gas Station and opened the franchise Delta Terminal at LAX.

But, unlike other celebrity kids, Ben hasn’t completely taken the spotlight out of his life, as he has come to witness such events. Iron Chef America, The Today Show, Martha Stewart, Jaime Oliver’s Food Revolution You Weird Foods by Andrew Zimmer.

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