Emma (played by Alexandra Mardell) was unlucky in love until she ran into Curtis (Sam Retford) on the cobbles. Since then, the two have been inseparable. They ran into a difficult situation when he decided to end things with her rather than prepare her for the grief of her potential untimely death, but Emma found out the truth and they agreed to take advantage of the time they had. were meeting. Official Coronation Street spoilers hint that tragedy could strike in the ITV soap opera, as Curtis ends up being rushed to hospital in future episodes. At the same time, Emma is waiting with some news that will change her life – could she be pregnant?

In future Coronation Street scenes, Curtis tells Emma he has a hospital appointment to get results.

She offers to accompany him, but later the young man suddenly collapses behind the bar while he is working at the Bistro.

An ambulance arrives and takes him to the hospital, where Curtis is advised to stay overnight for further tests.

However, the bartender thinks it would be a waste of his time as not much is known about his condition.

Could refusing further testing and treatment have tragic consequences?

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Meanwhile at the apartment, Emma waits with an announcement to make to Curtis.

It’s possible the bartender is pregnant and preparing to tell Curtis after her sudden collapse.

Realizing that they might not have much time, she might decide to break the news to him when she gets back from the hospital.

Curtis recently revealed he was terminally ill, meaning he could “drop dead” at any time.

He explained that even doctors are baffled by this, but it affects his heart.

Emma burst into tears before Curtis caught up with her on the street.

“I should have told you,” he remarked. “But that’s why I ended it, so I didn’t have to keep lying to you.”

“You could have told the truth,” Emma argued, and Curtis said he didn’t want her to be hurt.

He explained that he found out he was suffering from an illness after collapsing in school at the age of 15 and told Emma he had collapsed again recently.

His condition is not understood by doctors, who do not know how to treat him. But the two made amends and agreed to give things another chance.

With Curtis’ next trip to the hospital, could the worst happen?

If he refuses further tests, it is possible that he will collapse again, with no one around.

Meanwhile, Emma may be waiting at the apartment to break the exciting news to her partner.

If Curtis dies before Emma has a chance to tell him, she will have additional regret living with his grief.

Although she knew her death could come soon, it would be tragic for Curtis never to see his child.

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