Richard Lewis reveals the guest stars of Curb Your Enthusiasm season 11, including Jon Hamm, Woody Harrelson, Bill Hader, Kaley Cuoco and Lucy Liu.

Long-time actor Calm your enthusiasm collaborator Richard Lewis has revealed a guest list for the show’s upcoming eleventh season. With Larry David as a fictional version of himself, Calm your enthusiasm First aired on HBO in 2000. The semi-improvised comedy series follows unfiltered and grumpy Larry as he grapples with everyday troubles between friends and strangers.

Now Richard Lewis has Tweeted a list of guest stars who will appear on Border new season. In addition to Lewis and returning star Ted Danson, Larry will have the opportunity to infuriate Sidewalk newcomers Woody Harrelson, Bill Hader, Julie Bowen, Tracey Ullman, Kaley Cuoco, Lucy Liu, Patton Oswalt and Rob Morrow. In the tweet, Lewis revealed he will appear in the new season despite several surgeries last year. “Once again, the rules of LD, and congratulations to the cast and crewThe comedian added. Check out Lewis’s post below.

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Season 11 will also see the return of season 10 guest stars Jon Hamm and Vince Vaughn. In addition, Albert Brooks will make his Calm your enthusiasm start. His late brother Bob Einstein played the role of Marty Funkhouser. Series regulars Susie Essman, Jeff Garlin, Cheryl Hines, JB Smoove join the impressive guest list.

Celebrities on Calm your enthusiasm tend to take on entirely fictional roles or play versions of themselves. Considering the large pool of guest talent, there will likely be a combination of the two. Vince Vaughn is almost certainly back as Freddy Funkhouser, Marty’s half-brother. Then there is reason to believe that Albert Brooks, Marty’s real brother, will also be a member of the Funkhauser clan. The other guest stars will have to be content with being subjected to Larry’s well-meaning but tactless kvetching. Calm your enthusiasm premieres October 24 on HBO.

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