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Discourage Hollywood films and promote Indian regional film industries

Kangana Ranaut looked stunning in a saree as she came to New Delhi to promote her film ‘Thalaivii’ about the life and rise to power of the late J Jayalalithaa, 6 times Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and favorite Amma of the people.

Speaking to the media at an event at the Imperial in the Indian capital, megastar Kangana Ranaut detailed her filming experience, playing Thalaivii on real life and the ongoing controversy around multiplexes not showing the film in major metropolitan cities. She spoke to WION about the need to discourage Hollywood films and promote our Indian regional film industries instead.

Shot in multiple Indian cinematic languages ​​in a bid to broaden the reach of the film based on the life of a feminist icon, Kangana didn’t mince words when talking about multiplexes intimidating the film’s producers and not airing the hindi movie in the north belt. where the language happens to be most widely spoken. “The film will unfortunately not be released in multiplexes and will only be available on single screens whereas they have in the past favored the big hero films from the big studios. This kind of groupism and gangism exists but we have to support the film I would like the public to give the film their love and support.

Speaking to WION, Kangana candidly mentioned that the way forward for filmmakers in the country is to support each other instead of his pan-Indian film. Since Thalaivii was shot in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil, the makers deliberately decided to make the film accessible to all Indians. Kangana told WION, “We have to discourage American films, English films from taking over our screens. We must behave as one nation with one goal. We must stop dividing ourselves into South India and North India. We must first enjoy our films.

“There are so many films like the Malayali film industry, Tamil film industry, Telugu industry and even our Punjabi film industry that are brewing. We need to encourage regional industries. It is important that we develop our own infrastructure as far as the creative industry is concerned, otherwise the day is not far off, as Hollywood destroyed the German film industry, the French film industry, the Italian industry and made it a monopoly all over the world. That’s what they’re doing here, too. And the fact that we don’t like each other and we’d rather see someone called the Lion King, called the Jungle Book. We don’t give a movie that chance. dubbed malayali. It won’t work in our favour. We have to put our people first, our industry first and that’s the only way to do an Atmanirmar Bharat,” she explained. Read our review of the movie Tha laivii here.

Watch the Thalaivii trailer in Hindi here:

Kangana also told WION that she hopes to see this film as a turning point in her career. She said, “In terms of acting, it’s a film that gave me huge leeway to elevate myself to where I already was and if appreciated, accepted in the same way; so it will definitely be a turning point in my career.

Kangana Ranaut believes that the entertainment quotient of “Thalaivii” exceeds all other films she has made. Although she’s not one to compare her films, she said that since it’s about the life of a very popular person, you also cover a lot of Thalaivii.

Kangana Ranaut’s star “Thalaivii” hit theaters nationwide today.