Jodie’s tailor staking is unlikely to prove successful, however. Knowing the BBC, they likely sealed off this potential leak by outsourcing Jodie’s wardrobe to a mute grandmother living alone in a fortress high in the Himalayas.

Will the doctor regenerate himself in 2022?

Series 13 will consist of eight episodes, which are expected to start airing later this year. The mirror pays that there will be two specials in 2022, although it is not clear whether they will be added to this year’s 8, or if we will see a 6-episode split in 2021 with the 2 specials postponed for 2022. A special – Christmas Day, New Years Day, or whatever – has become the traditional arena of regeneration, so if Whittaker leaves, it’s likely his final scene will come at the end of that supposed second special.

Many believe the biggest evidence Whittaker remains the Doctor until at least 2023 is our closeness to Doctor Whois coming 60e anniversary. After all, it would seem a shame to bow out before such an important milestone, and it could be intimidating to have a new Doctor lead such an important celebration. Still, the speed with which it all means that even if Whittaker leaves in 2022, there’s no reason she couldn’t make an appearance in an anniversary episode, perhaps alongside a few other previous incarnations. And 2022 marks the 100e anniversary of the BBC itself, so it’s hard to imagine that the show won’t do something very special to mark that, given that it owes its existence and longevity to the broadcaster (despite Michael Grade). Every time she leaves, 13 could easily have her cake and eat it.

Does Chris Chibnall leave after series 13?

The woman who fell to Earth

When Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole left at the end of “Revolution of the Daleks,” Mandip Gill’s Yaz stayed behind. Yaz was one of the more underdeveloped characters of the New Era, so it made sense for her to have the chance to shine and grow in a less cluttered environment, sharing companion duties only with the recently teased Dan. by John Bishop. But as her character and story seem so intrinsically linked to The Doctor herself, with the promise of more exploration to come in Series 13, when / if the Doctor leaves, will Yaz’s story end- she also? Will only Dan be left with one foot in two TARDIS? All speculation at this point, and a lot depends on which direction the writers take Yaz in this next series of episodes.

Showrunner Chris Chibnall – a longtime fan of the series and, prior to his appointment as Grand Chief, a longtime writer for both Doctor Who and Torchwood – was at least as controversial a figure in Fandom Who as’ 80s coxswain Jonathan Nathan-Turner. Rumors about his possible departure have circulated with as much frequency as those surrounding Whittaker. Asked about series 13, Chris Chibnall told Radio Times: “I know I’m coming back for a third season. Yeah, absolutely. In those words, if you look closely enough, there is the implied lack of certainty about future seasons, but maybe it gets a little too The Da Vinci Code about it all.

While the management of previous showrunners Russell T. Davies and Steven Moffat covered two doctors apiece, that doesn’t mean Chris Chibnall is guaranteed a chance at the 14th.e Doctor. Should Chibnall leave after Season 13, among the editorial staff, maybe only Pete McTighe – who wrote “Kerblam! And co-wrote ‘Praxeus’ – has the experience to take over as a showrunner, given his stint overseeing the award-winning Australian prison drama Wentworth.

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