Doctor Who stars John Bishop, Jodie Whittaker and Mandip Gill discuss Bishop’s new character, Dan, who will join the TARDIS in the series’ 13th season.

Doctor Who Stars John Bishop, Jodie Whittaker and Mandip Gill discussed Bishop’s new character Dan, who will join the TARDIS in the series’ 13th season. Dan will make his first full appearance in the first episode of the upcoming season when it airs on October 31. Details on Dan have been withheld by the team and the BBC, with Bishop previously joking about the secrecy.

Dan Lewis is the latest companion to board the TARDIS and join the Thirteenth Doctor and Yasmin Khan on adventures through space and time, following the departure of Ryan Sinclair (Tosin Cole) and Graham O’Brien ( Bradley Walsh) during New Years 2021. Daily special, “Revolution of the Daleks”. Actor and comedian Bishop has been mostly silent about his character, instead discussing his time filming the series and Whittaker’s departure in recent interviews. However, now Bishop, Whittaker, and Gill have opened up more to Dan.

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In an interview published in Doctor Who Magazine In issue # 750, the three stars each offered their own take on Dan. Bishop explained how Dan is not used to life in the TARDIS and acts as a surrogate for the viewer with his questions and uneasiness with situations. Gill explained how Yaz and Dan have a healthy sense of competition, comparing their dynamics to a comedic duo and how Yaz is more experienced than him. Finally, Whittaker explained how the Doctor and Dan are both at a point in their lives when they bring up things about their lives, and how at first Dan is an unlikely hero trying to keep up with Yaz and the Doctor. Read comments from Bishop, Gill and Whittaker below:

John Bishop: For the first episode, Dan is basically like a big kid, bumping into stuff. I think that’s why restocking companions is such a big thing in Doctor Who. Because once they have been living this life for too long, they get it all, and what you need, as a viewer, is for someone to say to you, “What? What did she just say? What’s going on ? ; For the narrative to work you need people out there who literally have no idea what’s going on. And it’s pretty easy to play the truth, when you haven’t a clue what’s going on yourself!

Mandip Gill: There is a nice healthy competition between Dan and Yaz, as is the case with the people of Liverpool and Yorkshire. He’s not replacing Graham – our relationship is completely different from that. We have this kind of … I hate the joke word, but we’re a little cheeky with each other. We’re like a duo, like a comedy in a way. We bounce off each other. When his character is confused by situations, Yaz simply says, “This is what we do, stop being stupid.” I don’t think she would have spoken to Graham and Ryan like that, as they were experiencing this journey together at a similar pace. While now she knows what she’s doing, she can be a little cheeky – because Yaz was that person once.

Jodie Whittaker: What’s so intriguing about Dan and the Doctor is that he’s personally on the verge of something, and so is she. Due to the stage he is in in his life, Dan brings up things about who he is. You have someone who, especially at the beginning, is just trying to keep up, but in doing so, he’s the accidental hero. I guess he’s pretty childish in a lot of ways, in a way the Doctor really likes. “

Revealed in a Doctor Who: Flux teaser after the 2021 New Years special, Dan is a plumber from Liverpool, with recent interviews with the cast providing more details on the characters after a long period of silence. Bishop previously discussed on the BBC’s Breakfast show in September that he found himself at odds with BBC superiors after revealing minor spoilers about his character during a Zoom conference with theater students at Liverpool. Details were broadcast on various fan sites and social media, and the BBC press office called Bishop to warn him not to do so.

With Doctor WhoThe 13th season of ‘s premieres at the end of the month, fans are ready to find out more. The cast’s discussions of Dan’s unease and naivety, and another recent teaser giving insight into Dan, suggest Bishop is being set up to be the audience’s ideal surrogate. Bishop’s acting and comedian skills will allow him to play the character in a humorous way while being able to portray more serious moments. Bishop isn’t the first comedian to join the TARDIS, after Catherine Tate and Matt Lucas, who played beloved companions Donna Noble and Nardole. With the two former companions fully embraced by the fandom, many fans are hopeful that Dan will become another beloved character in the Doctor Who myth.

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Source: Doctor Who Magazine # 750

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