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Dream Job: The New Creativity Hack Hollywood Stars Swear By | Sleep

Last name: Dream job.

Age: People dream since people are people. It’s more about the exploration of dreams.

Freud, Jung, those guys? Attempts to understand dreams precede them. The ancient Egyptians believed that dreams were communications with the gods; for the Greeks, they were prophecies; the Bible is teeming with dreams…

I know! (Although primarily from Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, to be honest). Either way, it’s about much more than understanding them; it’s about using dreams, even exploiting them.

Who do this ? Jane Campion, for her part.

New Zealand directorwho made The Piano? And much more. While directing her latest critically acclaimed film, The Power of the Dog, she enlisted a dream trainer, by the name of Kim Gillingham. “I think she’s the only person who really helped me as a director to go very far,” Campion said.

Kim Gillingham a distant bell rings… In the first series of Friends, she played Joey’s ex. Plus, she was in an episode of Seinfeld. More importantly, and more interestingly, she is now practicing dream work.

And what exactly is the dream job? It “provides access to the rich and unknown content of the unconscious, allowing artists from all disciplines to create more authentic works”, it seems.

I think of my own dreams and the films I would make of them: there would be a film about not preparing for an exam, another about missing a plane, a movie about the falls and…well, quite a bit of X rated material to be honest. That’s probably why you don’t make movies. Also, it’s not just about making a film about his dream.

What else is it? Gillingham, who works with two other coaches, uses illustrations and exercises “to take the material to the upper world and invite it to express itself. The practice cultivates unique and authentic creativity, acceptance, permission and presence.

Is this a bunch of new-age hippy-dippy nonsense? Well, Campion obviously doesn’t think so. Or Sandra Oh, who thanked Gillingham on stage while collecting an award for Killing Eve. Bill Pullman and Benedict Cumberbatch also worked with her – Cumberbatch called her an “incredible woman”. There are also other practitioners of dream work, Kirsten Dunst used one.

OK, I get it, the dream job is hot right now. If you are in a creative field, get involved so as not to be left behind. Not just creative: Gillingham also saw a scientist or two.

Wait, I’ll take a peek into my dream… oh yes, there’s the theory of everything. You laugh, but it is said that Einstein’s theory of relativity came to him in a dream.

Say: “Enroll me, I’m ready to go further and unlock.”

Do not tell : “Yeah, keep dreaming.”