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Ellen DeGeneres joins Hollywood stars to pay tribute to Anne Heche

Anne Heche was declared legally dead, and the news has many of her contemporaries in Hollywood grieving. On August 5, Heche was involved in a violent car accident that left her in critical condition. A week later, it was announced that she was brain dead, although Heche remains on life support to preserve her organs for possible donation.

Among those mourning the loss is Ellen DeGeneres, who was previously in a relationship with Heche that lasted from 1997 to 2000. TwitterDeGeneres noted, “It’s a sad day. Sending Anne’s children, family and friends all my love.”

Heche went on to have a relationship with actor James Tupper, with whom she had a son in 2009. Although they separated in 2018, they remained friends and Tupper posted a tribute message after his passing. On Instagram, he included a photo of Heche and wrote “love you forever”.


Many other Hollywood entertainers have joined them in mourning. Actor Ed Helms of Office wrote a tweet that read: “The news of Anne Heche today is so heartbreaking. Truly epic and vibrant spirit and profound talent. Sending immense love and support to her family. “

“Honestly, I think maybe the best acting performance I’ve ever seen in my life was Anne Heche in PROOF on Broadway,” said filmmaker James Gunn.

“I am very upset and sad that Anne Heche is not supposed to live. And yes, she would have been arrested for driving under the influence and endangering life. She is still a great artist and has struggled with addiction, it is terribly sad for her children and for her friends.

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Emmy winner Anne Heche remembers

“The Daytime Emmys send love and light to the family and loved ones of Daytime Emmy winner Anne Heche,” reads a tribute post from the Daytime Emmy Awards. “Her performance as Victoria/Marley on Another world touched the world and lives on in our memories. Our deepest sympathies.”

Dancing with the stars Judge Carrie Ann Inaba also commented on the news, as Heche had starred on the show in 2020. Inaba addressed Heche’s inclusion on the show in a lengthy Instagram tribute post.

“Anne was one of the stars of Dancing with the stars that really touched my heart,” the post read in part. “His personal story is one that has reached my heart and squeezed it. I could feel the pain she felt, and I could also feel her resilient and brave soul. And it was touching.”

She added: “I had no idea how much she had been through in this life and I felt a connection to her and the hardships she had to face in life. Despite her trials and tribulations , she had a bright light when she walked out on that stage dancing. Every time she performed, there was a feeling of utter joy and a celebration of life. It was pure. And it was special.”

Rest in peace, Anne Heche. You can see more tribute posts for Heche below.