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Every Hollywood celebrity showed their support for the Pirates of the Caribbean actor

At the end of this week’s testimony, the Depp v. Heard will be finished.

In an opinion piece, Amber Heard has described herself as a “public figure representing domestic violence”, and Johnny Depp is suing her for £39million. She is suing him for a total of £81million in counter-suit damages.

Closing statements from each side’s legal teams and some witnesses will still be called before the jury is sent out to deliberate (there are six possible outcomes).

It is expected that Kate Moss, Depp’s ex-girlfriend, will give evidence on Wednesday – but she won’t be the first high-profile celebrity to speak out on the case. In addition to those five A-listers, Johnny Depp has received endorsements from the following celebrities:

winona ryder:

celebrities who support johnny depp

Depp’s ex-wife and Edward Scissorhands co-star Amber Ryder released a statement supporting the actor as he sued a British newspaper for defamation.

It’s a far cry from the “Johnny I know and love,” she said, “to think he’s an incredibly violent person.”

“He was never violent towards me. He was never abusive or violent towards anyone I met,” he says.


celebrities who support johnny depp

sia tweeted his support for Johnny Depp in October 2020.

“I’m just expressing my public admiration for Johnny Depp,” she said. He is clearly the victim after listening to these tapes, although I wish he would clean up his act and stop wearing jewelry.

Javier Bardem:

celebrities who support johnny depp

Before Night Falls and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales both co-starred for Bardem and Depp.

When Johnny Depp was sued for defamation in 2020, he wrote in court documents obtained by People magazine: “I love Johnny. Since I have known him, he has been a gracious and generous friend to my family and me.

As a bonus, I had the opportunity to work with him twice and witnessed his respect for the crew as well as his unique and witty sense of humor.

For all these reasons and more, he said: “I support Johnny. He is a real caring and loving man who listened to anyone in need. He is an extraordinary and unique artist. Besides admiring Johnny, he has my utmost respect, and for that I am eternally grateful to him for being the carefree, innocent child that he is in his art and the mature, loving man that he is. is in other people’s lives.

Toxic beings had “trapped” Depp “in the lies and manipulation of toxic beings”, according to Bardem.

Penelope Cruz:

celebrities who support johnny depp

Penelope appeared in the sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp. A deposition (a statement of evidence) was filed in 2020 for the defamation case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

Despite seeing Johnny in many different situations, she says, “he’s always nice to everyone around him.” The most generous person I know is him. She also said that Johnny Depp treated her with “gentleness, protection and kindness” on set.

Eva Green:

celebrities who support johnny depp

Depp’s Dark Shadows co-star Eva Green took to Instagram to show her support for the actor during the US defamation lawsuit.

I am confident that Johnny’s good name and wonderful heart will be revealed to the world, making life better than ever for him and his family,” she wrote in the caption.

Chris Rock:

celebrities who support johnny depp

Rock recently poked fun at Amber Heard during her Ego Death Tour in London, according to LADBible.

The comedian reportedly said, “Believe all women, believe all women…except Amber Heard.” How can she be so stupid? She urinated on her pillow! “She’s fine, but she doesn’t shit well,” he said. ”

“What’s going on over there?” He asked. After that, did they start dating? It is surely a wonderful kitty. “Damn, I’ve been with some crazy bitches.”

Vanessa Paradis :

celebrities who support johnny depp

Another former partner of Depp, French singer-songwriter Vanessa Paradis, supported the actor in his 2020 UK defamation case.

For more than 25 years, I have known Johnny. We have been together for 14 years and raised our two children together. Ever since I was little, I have known Johnny as a loving father and husband.

We all love him because he’s so down to earth and respectful to everyone, as well as being one of the most talented actors we’ve ever seen. I have known about Amber Heard’s accusations against Johnny for over four years now.