The Big Bang Theory has become one of CBS’s most beloved sitcoms in recent memory. Despite a rocky start with a negative reception to her un-broadcast pilot episode and an Amanda Walsh redesign with Kaley Cuoco instead, the Second Pilot became the first episode that kicked off a witty and funny series. For 12 years, the series went on to have 12 seasons in total and almost 300 episodes.

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Most of the main cast continued their work as actors, and some of them continued to collaborate together, like Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik doing the show. Call me Kat. Whether they’re working on new projects or retiring from the spotlight, here’s what The Big Bang Theory the casting was up this year.

8 Melissa Rauch produces ‘Night Court’ suite series

Melissa Rauch managed to maintain that squeaky voice that her character is associated with for so long that it was amazing that it didn’t affect her overall voice. Alongside Bialik, Rauch appeared from season three and became a staple of the series for as long as it lasted.

In an interesting twist, Rauch will be the executive producer of the sequel series of Night court, an ’80s sitcom. She’ll also play Judge Abby Stone, so it’ll be fun to see where this comedy takes her when it airs.

7 Mayim Bialik recently became a “Jeopardy” host

Season three of The Big Bang Theory became a turning point for the series and the career of Mayim Bialik. Since appearing on the series, Bialik has been a shining star known for his memorable character and his genius mind outside of his role. Gaining nominations and victories, the character of Bialik can be considered one of the most memorable aside from the character of Parsons.

Her doctorate is far from visible, as she is also a neuroscientist and has many incredible accomplishments related to her name. Recently, she became one of the famous longtime game show hosts. Peril!. With ten episodes in total, she showed off her incredible hosting skills and might even be a possible candidate as a permanent host.

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6 Sara Gilbert continues her role in “The Conners”

Although her character didn’t have enough work to work with over the following seasons, Sara Gilbert managed to bring her character Leslie Winkle to life in the most interesting way. Before being known for her TBBT celebrity, she was also known for another iconic sitcom Roseanne.

The ABC show eventually returned in 2018, where Gilbert reprized her longtime role as Darlene Conner, but due to controversy over Roseanne Barr’s behavior on Twitter, the show ended up being canceled, But the conners became the result. A fourth season was confirmed, but it was a close call at the end.

5 Kunal Nayyar nominated for Best Supporting Actor

So far in 2021, Kunal Nayyar has not been linked with any TV shows or movies, but last year he is doing well on Netflix. Criminal: United Kingdom. Her other roles from 2020 include Troll world tour and Think like a dog. For his show Criminal: United Kingdom, although he only appeared in the season two finale, he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the British Academy Television Awards.

On Sunday June 6, we’ll find out whether or not he wins the award, as he’s pitted against other actors like Michael Sheen and Rupert Everett.

4 Simon Helberg focuses on an upcoming film

Howard Wolowitz’s Simon Helberg is making a comeback in the new decade after five to six years without appearing in TV shows or movies. This film in which he is to appear will be the first English director of the French director Leos Carax entitled Annette. The film also stars Star wars actor Adam Driver and French actress Marion Cotillard, which is huge for American and French audiences.

Helberg will play the role of the conductor, which is a disturbing role, but it will be something to look forward to as a completely different role from his iconic character. The film is slated for release on July 6, so it won’t be long before the release date.

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3 Kaley Cuoco Has Success Written All Over Her

Kaley Cuoco has been very busy with great shows after the sitcom ended. By becoming the new voice of Harley Quinn and playing in The stewardess, Cuoco had an amazing time. 2021 is particularly a great year for her in general, as not only has she starred and produced in a show based on the biography Doris Day: her own story, but she also practices equestrian activities.

This hobby for her may have been inspired by her husband Karl Cook, who is also a horseman. Cuoco has the best of both worlds, and it’s exciting to see how far she has come as a talented and genuine person.

2 Jim Parsons works behind the camera

Jim Parsons is arguably the most popular actor to come The Big Bang Theory Fame. He enjoyed great success, appearing in other shows as a guest or doing Broadway shows. Her marriage to longtime partner Todd Spiewak has also been covered by multiple media.

Parsons’ current job keeps him busy with the narrator and executive producer of the prequel series Young Sheldon. He is also the producer of the new Bialik sitcom Call me Kat, which ordered a second season.

1 Johnny Galecki continues to be a loving father

Sadly, Johnny Galecki and his ex-girlfriend Alaina Meyer went their separate ways in November 2020. While this chapter ends too soon, the TBBT The star is still a devoted dad to son Avery and has featured sweet moments spent with him on Instagram.

While he continues to be a hard working dad, Galecki continues to warm the hearts of fans. If the reunion does indeed take place, it would be really sweet to see her character have a son to reflect her status in real life.

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