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‘Example for the rest of the nation’: Hollywood celebrities praise Andrew Cuomo at Emmy International Awards

A group of celebrities hailed Governor Andrew Cuomo as an “example to the rest of the nation” in videos of them congratulating the Democratic politician on winning an international Emmy for his coronavirus briefings.

“Congratulations, Andrew, on your well-deserved Founders Award,” actor Robert De Niro said.

“Governor. Andrew Cuomo, you’re the man,” actress Rosie Perez said.

Actor and comedian Ben Stiller joked: “I was trying to think of something I could say to you that would be funny, so I called your brother Chris, who didn’t understand why you were getting an Emmy since it’s him on TV.”

Spike Lee, Billy Crystal and Billy Joel also congratulated the governor in the video.

Cuomo received the International Emmy Award on Monday for his daily spring and summer coronavirus briefings, saying the lectures offered “genuine truth.”

“I wish I could say that my daily COVID presentations were well choreographed, scripted, rehearsed, or reflected any of the talents you claim. They didn’t. They only offered one thing: the genuine truth and stability. But sometimes that’s enough,” Cuomo said at the event, which was streamed live.

Cuomo was also pushed back by some, including Fox News’ Janice Dean, who called Cuomo “disgusting.”

“I didn’t think the governor could surprise me any more after he published his book on leadership, of course, over a month ago, and he made a self-congratulatory tour to all the stations of television and radio speaking about his leadership. and how he’s flattened the curve here in New York as cases rise,” Dean said Monday on Fox News.

“My in-laws were on the curve that he flattened. So it’s breathtaking. It’s insulting. It’s sickening to see him accept an award for his leadership that we don’t have the answers to when it comes to coronavirus patients entering nursing homes for 46 days because of his executive order,” a- she continued.

Dean has been a vocal critic of Cuomo, especially after both of his in-laws died in nursing homes earlier this year at the height of the pandemic.

“Cuomo’s motto during the coronavirus pandemic has always been ‘New York Tough,'” Dean wrote in an editorial for USA today in July. “But when it comes to tough questions about his leadership during this time, Cuomo has shown he’s not that tough after all. In fact, he’d rather blame anyone but on himself for the disastrous decisions he made.”

Dean explained in the op-ed that her husband’s parents, both elderly, lived in a nursing home before the coronavirus pandemic began. Cuomo’s office issued an order on March 25 that required certain recovering coronavirus patients to be placed in nursing homes. The order also prevented the requirement that incoming patients “be tested for COVID-19 before admission or readmission.”