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Five Hollywood Movies Featuring Pets

There are times when the true Hollywood movie stars Are the pets.

The Cradle of Great Stories knows that puppies and kittens, when entering our families, can life changing and filling us with amazing adventures. Although many of these stories come from his creative minds, they are also based on real events.

Here we select five must-see movies that will make you laugh and get excited about the love that pets can offer.

marley and me

This comedy, released in 2008, is Based on a true story. Taking on the memoir of John Grogan, columnist for an American newspaper, they added to their cast Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston.

Ribbon tells the story of John and Jennythe newlyweds decide to add to their family a Marley (named in honor of the reggae singer), a small and playful retriever dog who has brightened up his days for over 10 years.

A film which, promised, it will make you both laugh and cry.

doctor dolittle

This is one of the classic pet movies. Eddie Murphy interpret the Dr. John Dolittlewho has the power to communicate with animals.

It was a gift he’d had since he was a kid, but he found it one night when he nearly ran over a stray dog ​​and listen to the animal talk to you. While he receives pets of all kinds in his office, his colleagues begin to doubt his health.

At June 2020, Dr. Dolittle’s reversal has been publishedfeaturing Robert Downey Jr.Tom Holland and Rami Malek.

Credit: 20th Century Fox


In this film released in 1974, a couple of brothers decide to save and adopt a dog who lived undercover on the roof of his house, baptizing him as benji.

However, in time, it will be the pup himself who will have to save the children, after some subjects try to kidnap them.

The film was so successful that it spawned several sequels and made Higgins, the actor pup, a true Hollywood star. At 2018 a new version was madewhich can be found on netflix.


Seventeen Netflix Movie
Credits: Netflix Spain

Seventeen tells the story of Hector, a young person living in a social adaptation center for minors who has difficulty communicating. His life changes when he begins a dog therapyone of them is Sheepwith whom he has a very special relationship.

The story takes a dramatic turn when he learns that his friend cannot continue to share with him, since she will be given up for adoption. It’s a Spanish movie that you can find on Netflix.

Always by your side

This 2009 movie touches your soul, it’s youOne of the cutest and most exciting stories about pets. It’s featured Richard Gere, who decides to adopt Haciko, an Akita puppy who becomes his best friend. They have such a special bond that the hairy one always accompanied his master to the station, and waited for him on his return.

Always by Your Side is an adaptation of Hachikō Monogatari, a Japanese film. It is based on a real event, if you visit the shibuya station there is a statue in honor of the faithful pup.

the Hachiko’s story also inspired a chapter in the Futurama anime series.. In the episode, Phillip J. Fry reminds his pup Seymour Diera that he’s been waiting for him his whole life not knowing he loved her was frozen.

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