If you liked Kaley cuoco in the main role of Flight attendant, you might see it more on the big screen. We say “may” because she is still in negotiations, but with the headlines swirling around, it seems more than possible.

Cuoco is in talks to star and produce the next feature film Roleplay, Deadline reports. With a few moving parts, which are quite large, we have to think that she is seriously considering the project.

The scenario comes from Seth Owen, who wrote the 2016 sci-fi movie Morgan, based on an original idea by Georges heller, who produced Morgan.

The scenario is brief, with Roleplay revolving around a young married couple whose lives are turned upside down when secrets from their past are revealed.

We don’t know what happens from there, but the name of the movie is pretty telling.

Production is slated to begin in 2022, with Cuoco currently filming the second seasons of Flight attendant, who is now based in LA

We’ve seen Cuoco on the big screen before, like in the 2015 comedy The wedding ringtone, but that would be more of a lead.

While the plans of Roleplay are being finalized, we can revisit the first season of The stewardess or go back even further and gorge on the twelve seasons of The Big Thang Theory, where Cuoco plays the role of neighbor / friend / lover Penny.

Are you encouraging that to happen?

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