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For the film about Enzo Ferrari, Hollywood stars Adam Driver and Penelope Cruz – SulPanaro

With a multi-star cast including Adam Driver, Penelope Cruz and Shailene Woodley, “Aviator” director Michael Mann is gearing up for the first take of “Ferrari.” The shooting of the film devoted to the automobile legend Enzo Ferrari should begin in Italy in May.

Driver, who recently played Maurizio Gucci in ‘House of Gucci’ alongside Lady Gaga, will play the ‘Magician of Maranello’, while Cruz, who was nominated for this year’s Oscars for Pedro Almodovar’s ‘Mades Paralelas’, will be the marries Laura, while the Woodley of “Big Little Lies” has joined the cast to play lover Lina Lardi. Driver took over from Hugh Jackman, originally cast in the role of Ferrari.
Based on a screenplay by Troy Kennedy Martin (“The Italian Job”) and Mann adapted from Brock Yates’ book “Enzo Ferrari – The Man and the Machine”, “Ferrari” comes after “Le Mans ’66 – The great challenge”, James Mangold’s film with Matt Damon and Christian Bale (Remo Girone in the role of Ferrari) which in 2019 told, half a century later, Ford’s legendary challenge against Ferrari on the 24-hour circuit. This time we return to 1957 and the dramatic summer in which – the film’s synopsis reads – all the forces of Enzo Ferrari’s life – as incendiary and unpredictable as the racing cars he drove. built – collided. The automobile company that Enzo had created from scratch ten years earlier with his wife was on the verge of bankruptcy. The rocky marriage between the two had already suffered the previous year with the death of his son Dino while Piero, the other son of Ferrari born of a love affair during the war and then aged twelve, wanted to know his place in the world. : “Enzo has decided to bet everything on one race, the Mille Miglia”. Tragic and legendary race: The cars of Scuderia Ferrari won first, second and third place, but the race was spoiled by a devastating accident, when the front wheel of another Ferrari with Spaniard Alfonso de Portago at the wheel and navigator Edmund Nelson exploded and the car slammed into a telephone pole, mowing down crowds along the way. (TO MANIPULATE).

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