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From Jack Nicholson to Leonardo Dicaprio: 6 Hollywood stars who refused to step out of their roles

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Actors always give their all while working on a film. An actor’s job is to put themselves in their characters’ shoes and play their roles to perfection. But some actors go even further! Sometimes stars are so immersed in their roles that it becomes hard to break character! Check out these 6 stars who couldn’t get out of character:

1) Jack Nicholson:
Jack Nicholson, in the chilling horror film, The Shinning completely immersed himself in his role as the withdrawn alcoholic, Jack Torrance. He got into character so much that his co-star, Shelley Duvall, who played his wife, showed genuine fear during filming, according to a Collider report.

2) Joaquin Phoenix:
Joaquin “Pheonix is ​​a well-known actor with quite a prestigious career. He has taken on several challenging roles over the years. For his movie, Walk the Like, the actor learned to sing and play guitar as his role was that of music legend Johnny Cash, according to a Collider report. Most of the recorded voices were his. He refused to answer to a name other than JR during production.

3) Kate Winslet:
The actress won an Oscar for her film The Reader where she plays the role of Hanna Schmitz, an ex-Nazi guard. Before and even during production, she spoke with a German accent, whether on set or at home, according to a Collider report.

4) Health book:
Heath Ledger’s portrayal of Gotham’s villain is one of the best! This Joker performance is an icon! While Joaquin Pheonix lost weight for his role, Heath Ledger isolated himself from society, according to a Collider report. He locked himself in a hotel for a month with only his diary and his thoughts!

5) Anne Hathaway:
According to a report from Collider, for her musical, Les Miserables, the actress lost about 25 pounds for the start of filming. In the middle of a scene, she also agreed to cut her hair for her character.

6) Leonardo DeCaprio:
This prolific actor is quite focused on his roles during filming. According to a report from Collider, while on the sets of Django Unchained, the actor accidentally cut his hand on glass after hitting his hand on the table. He however continued and used the spurting blood to his advantage. He had several stitches later.

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