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From Julia Roberts to Jerry Garcia, these Hollywood celebrities have embraced Hinduism

In the past, after the conversion of former Shia council chairman Wasim Rizvi to Hinduism, he was talked about in the news of the world. Today, Ali Akbar, resident of Kerala and director of Malayalam film, has left Islam. When it comes to Hinduism, it is Sanatan and the oldest religion in the world. All the great personalities of the world have been influenced by Hinduism and adopt it by being influenced by the ideas and culture of this religion. The number of those who have adopted Hinduism is in the millions across the world. So let us know that with Wasim Rizvi and Ali Akbar, which celebrities in the world have embraced Hinduism.

Julia Robert: Well-known Hollywood actress Julia Roberts This American-born actress has starred in films like Notting Hill, My Best Friend’s Wedding and Eat, Pray, Love. While filming Eat, Pray, Love in 2010 in India, she was so influenced by Hinduism that she converted to Hinduism.

Elizabeth Gilbert: Elizabeth Gilbert burst onto the scene with her 2006 memoir “Eat, Pray, Love.” She’s a writer. His book was also included in the New York Times newspaper bestseller list for 199 weeks. Elizabeth had come to India seeking inspiration to write her most famous book, and it was during this time that she converted to Hinduism.

George Harrison: Who doesn’t know George Harrison by now. He was the lead guitarist of the Beatles band. The Beatles have fans all over the world. George Harrison was the star of rock music. In 1960 Harrison left Christianity and accepted Hinduism. He also started to propagate Hinduism. After his death in 2001, his ashes were buried in Ganga-Yamuna.

Russell Brand: Russell Brand has always made the news for his comedy. He is also a television producer, writer and screenwriter. People still know her for her famous movie ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’. Russell Brand also lectures on Hinduism and is a strong believer in meditation. When he married Katy Perry in 2010, he came to Rajasthan for this and he married according to Hindu tradition.

Jay Massis: Jay Massis is a guitarist, singer and also bassist. His name was also listed in Rolling Stone magazine’s 10 Greatest Guitarists. In 2005, he released one of his albums. Whose name was “Jay and his friends sing and sing for Amma”. The songs on this album also praised Mata Anandmayi, a spiritual guru of Hinduism.

John: John is an American musician. He was born into a Christian family, gradually influenced by Hinduism and later he adopted Hinduism.

Trevor: Trevor is also an American singer, guitarist and songwriter. His music has always been strongly influenced by Hinduism. Sanskrit mantras are also available to be heard in his songs. When he came to India in 2013, his connection with Hinduism became such that by adopting Hinduism, he started living his life as a monk in India.

Jerry Garcia: Jerry Garcia became famous for his band called The Grateful Dead. He was an American musician and was associated with the band as lead guitarist for 30 years. He had a fondness for Hinduism since childhood and followed the religion all his life. After his death in 1995, his ashes were immersed in the Ganges in Rishikesh, India.

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