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From Tom Cruise to Nicole Kidman: These Hollywood actors were the first choice of famous Bollywood movies

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It is not uncommon to hear Bollywood stars receiving a Golden Ticket to Hollywood. How many times, on the other hand, have we heard the news the other way around? Following claims that Oscar nominee Riz Ahmed, rather than Shahid Kapoor, was the initial choice for “Udta Punjab”, we also found out that a large number of big Hollywood stars were in fact being considered for roles in some of the greatest Bollywood movies.

Had the creators of “Udta Punjab” been successful, Oscar nominee Riz Ahmed would have played Tommy Singh, who was ultimately played by Shahid Kapoor. According to the latest rumors, the producers “dabbled” with choosing Riz as the male protagonist because they wanted to stay true to the character’s British heritage and had not designed a Bollywood actor for the role.

It may shock you, but “Dilwale Dulhaniya The Jayenge,” who made Shah Rukh Khan the king of romance in Bollywood, had Tom Cruise as his first choice for the male lead character. Aditya Chopra who was directing the film wanted to do an Indo-American project but after seeing his ideas rejected by his father Yash Raj Chopra, he had to edit his ideas.

We would have seen Arnold Schwarzenegger facing Superstar Rajinikanth in ‘2.0’ if it hadn’t been for the peculiarities of Hollywood and Bollywood film contracts. According to filmmaker Shankar, the team not only contacted the Hollywood star, but also had lengthy discussions and fixed dates with him, but things fell through due to contractual limitations. The team reached out to Akshay Kumar, who readily agreed as they wanted to launch another big star to appeal to an international audience.

Nicole Kidman, an Oscar-winning actress, was reportedly considered for the lead female role in Ajay Devgn’s 2015 action film “Shivaay”. Rumored at the time, the team was eager to involve the actress. and they were “in talks” to throw her in front of Devgn. However, over time, the main female role was played by Polish actress Erika Kaar.

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