Hollywood actors

Gainesville Mayoral Runner Donors Include Hollywood Actors and Directors

Pandy said he has had out-of-state supporters since he was 21 in the US military and that some people still support him after he ran against US Representative Andrew Clyde, R-Athens , for the 9th Congressional District of Georgia. Much of his fundraising efforts came from social media, his campaign website and events in Gainesville, he said.

“When you do that (share on social media) you have all kinds of people who want to keep supporting you,” Pandy said.

Donors include actors such as J. Smith-Cameron, a longtime New York theater actor and currently a supporting actor on “Succession,” Rosanna Arquette, who starred in “Pulp Fiction” and “Desperately Seeking Susan. “, and Gale Anne Hurd who has produced blockbusters such as” The Terminator “and the popular Georgia television series,” The Walking Dead. ” Pandy worked as an actor from 2017 to 2019, he said, playing background roles in projects such as the superhero movie “Venom” and two shows, “Dynasty” and “The Originals”.

“When a candidate is looking to fund a campaign, one of the first things they do is make a list of everyone they know, and I’m one of those people who never drop a phone number,” he said. said Pandy.

He said he did not personally know everyone who donated to his campaign.

Pandy also spent a significant amount of money on fundraising events, but they weren’t as lucrative as had been hoped, he said. His campaign spent a total of $ 4,959.54 on the services of 1833 Group, a fundraising consultant based in Naperville, Ill..

“We expected better fundraising,” Pandy said. His campaign has stopped spending so much on their services in the past two months, he said. Pandy did not want to reveal how he found the 1833 group.

One of Pandy’s biggest donors in Gainesville, Jennifer McCall, said she first met Pandy while campaigning for Congress.

“I think he offers a unique perspective as someone with an immigrant background and also served in the military,” McCall said. “I agree with (Pandy) that one of the biggest issues Gainesville faces right now is the lack of affordable housing.”