A new image gives a first glimpse of David Tennant’s return as the demon Crowley as production on the second season of Good Omens kicks off.

New image teases David Tennant’s return to Good omens as production for the second season begins. The Amazon Prime series is based on a 1990 novel written by series creators Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. The first season debuted on May 31, 2019 and was praised by critics and fans alike.

Although initially billed as a limited series, the series’ success saw a second season confirmed earlier this year. Tennant, who plays the cunning demon Crowley, will return in this final chapter alongside Michael Sheen, who takes on the role of the angel Aziraphale. The first season ended after the unlikely duo managed to thwart Armageddon, aided by the so-called Antichrist, Adam (played by Sam Taylor Buck). Production on the second season began just days ago, with Gaiman tweeting a photo of a quote that had been painted on the studio’s exit door.

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Now in an image posted to Georgia TennantOn Crowley’s Twitter page, fans were teased with the return of Crowley’s fiery red hair. “He’s like fireTennant captioned, accompanied by a devil emoji. Characteristically styled, it sure looked like David was preparing to back down on the set of Good omens at a moment’s notice. Check out the post below:

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This latest photo of Tennant comes just days after her co-star, Sheen, teased her own hair while receiving the bleach treatment. With both actors now undergoing their physical transformations, it looks like the final season’s production of Good omens is well advanced. The pair have been busy in the meantime, working together and keeping their onscreen chemistry alive through the BBC’s virtual comedy, Staging.

While viewers have been left to speculate, it seems only Gaiman and his stars are aware of the new story they are about to explore. Season 2 marks new ground for the series, which successfully covered the events of the first book during its first season. With Gaiman’s all-new material, it seems likely he’ll want to focus on the new dynamic between Aziraphale and Crowley, now free from the constraints of Heaven and Hell. The friendship between the two characters, coupled with the true chemistry of the actors on the screen, was a major factor in Good omens‘Success. While the fan-favorite duo is unlikely to fall apart, it’s possible that Gaiman will want to test their relationship and fully expose the two characters to each other’s realities. Regardless of what Gaiman has cooked up in this final chapter, viewers will certainly be delighted with Tennant and Sheen’s reunion.

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