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“Having my skills as an actor in Hollywood films helped me succeed as a film producer”

The film industry seems to be incredibly challenging and competitive, but many artists are proving that stardom is achievable. When we talk about Hollywood, we would all agree that making movies is a high risk business considering the unpredictable outcome i.e. audience reaction. Undoubtedly, some films have an impact that lasts a lifetime – however, others not so much. From Brad Pitt to Bradley Cooper, actors-turned-producers have been blessed with success through filmmaking. In this conversation with Los Angeles-based producer Cole Carter, we find out how he made the transition from actor to film producer. Cole is the founder and owner of the film production company Argonaut MG.

Cole Carter

Q: Cole, please take us to the starting point of your marathon in Hollywood.

A: I started acting in Hollywood films at an early age and learned about film directing, editing and writing, which helped me better understand film production. During my relatively short journey in the entertainment industry, I have been involved in many great projects alongside the main artists of the current generation.

Q: What prompted you to move your base to LA?

A: I moved to Los Angeles to make a name for myself in the entertainment world and expand my network. Having been into all things creative, taking the camera, filming, editing and even acting seemed like a natural progression. As I learned more, I came closer to understanding that I was destined for the entertainment industry and that my decision to make a foray into film production was indeed a wise one.

Q: Tell us about Argonaut MG.

A: My quest to walk the creative path led to the launch of Argonaut MG, which now has three films in development and two in pre-production. I am in talks with Netflix for several upcoming projects. Besides establishing Argonaut MG as a household name, my goal is to make films that will become a worldwide phenomenon.

Q: What are your main learnings?

A: I learned to keep my feet on the ground, not to give up quickly, and honed my skills as a seasoned film producer. Acting taught me to adapt to the world; I firmly believe that every case, good or bad, brings with it an opportunity if seen correctly. My passion is what drives me, and I am completely invested in creating groundbreaking cinema while entertaining people with my work through Argonaut MG.