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Here Are The Top 10 Popular Hollywood Celebrities Who Have Ever Been Fired From Movies And TV Shows

Words like Dismissal, termination, dismissals, dismissal, and what else would not scare any employee there. Oh, this applies to “all employees” Do you think celebrities won’t be on the list? No, you may be wrong. They too fall under the same page and are accountable to their bosses.

We’ve picked out some of Hollywood’s “Top 10” celebrities who were fired and here are the reasons behind them.

1. Suzanne Somers was expelled from Threes company

Suzanne Somers with Three

Suzanne Somer

Women in the past and still strive for equal pay with their male counterparts. Hollywood actress Suzanne Somers was one of them who was fired for demanding ‘equal pay’ for her role in one of the most popular romantic comedy series of the 1970s titled Company of Three.
According to the Biography, she said People that, she was even humiliated by the crew saying, ‘John Ritter’ (who was one of the protagonists) is probably the only star of the show, and therefore, she should never have the audacity to defend her equal pay.
No wonder women are still silenced by our “strong men, don’t bend women” culture.

2. Grey’s Anatomy fired Isaiah Washington

Isaiah Washington

P-Valley actor Isaiah Washington was kicked off the sets of “Grey’s Anatomy” in 2007 for his homophobic slurs directed at his co-star, TRKnight.
Even after the actor’s 13-year layoff, he doesn’t seem to have recovered from the incident of his dismissal and has slammed his former Grey’s Anatomy costar, Katherine Heigl for reporting against him and getting the ABC series to dump him.

Isaiah Washington (right) Katherine Heigl (left)

Last year, he took to Twitter and said he wished he was on Twitter in 2007, which might not have stopped exercising his freedom of speech.

3. Charlie shines from A man and a half

Charlie Sheen

Actor Charlie Sheen was another huge Hollywood layoff. He was fired by Warner Bros in 2011 for his self-destructive behavior on the set of “One and a half men”. John Spiegel, attorney for Warner Bros., sent an eleven-page letter to the actor’s attorney saying he was officially removed from the show for slandering people on set and also for refusing to follow a rehab for his self-destructive habits and behavior.

4. James Remar was replaced by Michael Biehn

James Remar

The story of James Remar’s termination resembles that of Charlie Sheen. The actor got fired from “Aliens” and was replaced by fellow actor Michael Biehn for his destructive behavior. Eons later, the actor mentioned on a podcast show that he had a great career but was destroyed by his drug addiction.

5. Megan Fox’s withdrawal from Transformers

Megan Fox

You have to be very careful when giving interviews to the media (especially to celebrities) Well yes, to prove the claim, actress Megan Fox was fired from Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon in a 2009 interview for wonderland magazine in which she said the show’s director Michael Bay behaved like “Hitler on set” she didn’t stop there she added saying ” it was a nightmare to work for”

Like many other fired celebrities, Megan Fox is also remorseful after years and told Cosmopolitan that she apologized for being negligent and condescending to the director in public.

6. Jenna Fischer

Jenna Fisher

This star of one of the popular series “Office” It was pulled by sets from a Man sitcom with a very plan after the first episode of the series. Guess why? Pam from the office (role played by Fischer) and Friend’s Joey (role played by LeBlanc) who is also the male counterpart of the actress seemed to lack “chemistry” and that’s why she said, the team kicked her off the sets of Man with a plan.

7. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman

The actress was kicked out of the film “Romeo + Juliet saying she’s “too young” to play the role of Juliet. Film director Baz decided not to go with the 13-year-old Natalie which caused him to replace Portman with an 18-year-old Claire Danish against his 21-year-old Romeo Leonardo DiCaprio.

8. Shannen Doherty

Shannen Doherty

This Hollywood actress was fired from the show Beverly Hills 90210 why she allegedly had a nasty argument with one of her co-stars Jennie Garth.

9. Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore was kicked out for her “creative differences” of the writer Nicole Holofcenuh on the sets of an oscar nominated film will you ever forgive me? She opened up about the issue in one of the interviews she gave in 2015.

ten. Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen

This “Gossip Girl” star was fired from the sets of gossip girls after having her for four consecutive seasons. According to reports, Taylor Momsen was dropped from the show for her mean off-screen behavior with other co-stars. She also once misbehaved and propelled by Tim Gunn anger with his atrocious behavior.