Hollywood actors

Hollywood actors before they went bald

Men go bald for several reasons. While some like to experiment, others do so for unavoidable reasons, for example, genetics or issues like thinning hair. But whatever the decision, there is always a way to look so dashing, even with a shaved head – for example, Hollywood celebrities, who have gone from a full head to a completely bald appearance

Here we take a look at the celebrities now showing off their shiny bare heads and what they looked like before they went bald.

1. Dwayne Johnson

© Quora, Getty Images

If Dwayne Johnson was seen with hair right now, it would be an unheard of sight. When he first stepped into the limelight, he walked in with a full head of luscious mane. But then he ditched his sideburns and goofy bouffant and embraced the bald look.

2. Jason Statham

Jason Statham
©Getty Images

One of Hollywood’s top actors known for his powerful performances, even Jason Statham has been seen in various hairstyles in movies. remember the movie Revolver? The actor then sported a long mane while his recent look is quite the opposite since he has a smooth head.

3.Vin Diesel

Wine Diesel
© Twitter/Vin Diesel_FC

Take a look at old photos of Vin Diesel and compare them with what he looks like now. Well, we’re as confused as you are and wondering which one is better – Bald-headed Diesel or the one with high-textured curly short hair.

4.Stanley Tucci

Stanley Tucci
© Twitter/Stanley Tucci_FC

If you look at Stanley’s hair in Captain America, it’s clear that the actor could easily sport the bald look. He mentioned in one of the interviews that he had classic male pattern baldness and it got to a point where he decided to go completely bald. What do we say, he nailed it!

5. Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis
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You really would have to go back in time to remember Bruce Willis with hair on his head. It was his decision to completely cut his hair for his role as Butch Coolidge in pulp Fiction. Her shaved head definitely made a statement and proved that losing hair is cool too.

6. Score hard

strong brand
© Film, Getty Images

Mark Strong, aside from his brilliant acting skills, also has sharp features that resonate well with his villainous personas. As soon as Mark realized he was losing his hair, he took it as an opportunity and went completely bald.

“Very quickly, I got used to it and I found that it was actually quite useful because you could use it for a character. The villains in particular…”

7. Billy Zane

Billy Zane
© Twitter/Billy Zane_FC

Even though we don’t see much of Billy Zane now, there was a time when he sported his impressive mane. But Zane was already on the verge of going hairless, so he wore a toupe for most of the movies. Sorry to have burst the bubble!