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Hollywood actors Ben Stiller and Sean Penn are permanently banned due to their support for Ukraine

Celebrities who have consistently shown their support for the war-torn nation of Ukraine since the Russian invasion began in February this year are Hollywood actors Ben Stiller and Sean Penn. As a result, Russia has now imposed a permanent ban on the two well-known individuals.

On Monday, the Russian Foreign Ministry released a new list of US citizens who are no longer allowed entry. Politicians, business giants and industrialists are among the 25 members of the list.

According to sources, this action follows sanctions against Russia by US President Joe Biden.

For those who don’t know, Sean and Ben aren’t the first famous Americans to be banned from entering Russia. Earlier in May, Russia released a long list of esteemed US personalities who have been permanently banned from entering the country.

A thousand Americans have been barred from entering the country, including Vice President Kamala Harris, Mark Zuckerberg, President Biden and even legendary actor Morgan Freeman.

Penn and Stiller have consistently expressed support for Ukraine in the face of Russian invasion. When the Russian invasion began, Penn was filming a documentary in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.