Hollywood actors

Hollywood actors in coronavirus quarantine show off their makeup-free selves

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What you see on TV and in movies: just smoke and mirrors, camera angles and good lighting.

The stars are like us.

No seriously.

Two-dimensional humans (in pictures and videos, on social media) do not look like three-dimensional humans (actual reality).

The male celebrities you’re swooning over look pretty average and regular without their glamorous Hollywood squads during the coronavirus pandemic.


Jake Gyllenhaal now has long hair.

Other stars are showing their age with gray hair.

At least one meme has joked about how Sean Combs, who appeared on Instagram with Will Smith, transformed into Danny Glover during quarantine.

Kevin Hart used his signature humor to poke fun at the trauma of the stay-at-home order rich.

Age waits for no one.


Celebrity groomer Kristan Serafino offered advice to guys from The Wall Street Journal.

“With Zoom calls now, all you see is the head just below the shoulder,” she said. “Hair care is more important now than it ever was.”

She said it was now time to work on a new look.

“In general, we’re very reluctant to change because there are awkward transitions when growing your hair out or growing out your facial hair,” Serafino said. “Quite frankly, right now we really only have time – if you’re home and safe with your loved ones, it’s a wonderful time to transition.”

She promised that this period of isolation has made viewers less judgmental.

Serafino said, “I think the world is forgiving at this point because we’re all in this together.”