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Hollywood actors’ reactions to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock

Early this morning, Will Smith won the Oscar for Best Actor at the 94th Academy Awards from the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. Upon accepting the award, the actor apologized for the incident he caused earlier in the evening when he went on stage and slapped comedian Chris Rock.

What interests most people are the reactions of the Hollywood actors to the incident. Geo TV listed a few: Colman Domingo: “I thought he was from West Philly, just like I’m from West Philly. We’re very passionate people.”

“I thought it was a really good show until it took a weird, unexpected turn. I don’t know, I thought I was dreaming it was very surreal, very weird.” LaKeith Stanfield: “I don’t know, it was crazy, it was surreal, it was a surreal moment and it was surreal because of where it happened, but you know, in places of the surreal world, you know things are happening”


Other actors

Minnie Driver: “I think [moment] was deeply personal, deeply personal. That we are all aware of something that – was very strong emotions and I really hope they will be reconciled later.

“It was hard, even though it was hard to see someone’s pain like that. I understand all aspects of it,” she concluded, saying. Michaela Jaé Rodriguez You know, sometimes human emotions happen, sometimes human interactions happen.”

“We can’t judge people by their moments, I mean, I know it’s on national television, but they’re both human, and sometimes moments like that happen.” Kenya Barris: “You don’t make me say [expletive].

But “I don’t know man, I feel like we live in such an age of social media where people feel like it’s all up for grabs, it’s not.” “We have families and have friends and entertainment and your job is your job, your home is your home, so I don’t know.”