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Hollywood actors who have competed in the Olympics before: from “Tarzan” who won five show jumping medals from Jason Statham

This sunday Tokyo Olympics 2020. It’s the end of four years of sacrifice where young athletes give up everything to win a medal. Now, many of them are embarking on a path which can unite them definitively to this task or they can be found elsewhere. As has happened to several Hollywood stars who were athletes in different Olympic competitions before entering the entertainment industry.

From the action hero Jason statham, to the champion Johnny Weissmüller, many Hollywood personalities they were part of some editions of Olympic sport.

Jason statham

The actor of The carrier it has a very remote origin from action. Jason statham He was born in Shirebrook, Derbyshire, England, to an eclectic couple: Eileen, a dancer, and Barry, a street vendor and salon singer. When he was young, sport was part of his essence. He devotes himself to swimming in the British national swimming team, which led him at the Barcelona Olympics 92.

The “Snatch” actor participated in ornamental jumps during this tournament. (Photo: capture)

In this competition, Statham wore a very distant figure that made him famous on the big screen: had hair. The then athlete competed in ornamental jumps, where he finished in 12th place.

Later she was a model and, this job, led him to the casting of Games, traps and two smoking guns, the film of Guy ritchie 1998 which put him at the top.

Bud spencer

In the 70s there was a duo of actors who made spaghetti westerns for all tastes.: Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. Far from this rough and rough fictional universe, one of them had an origin linked to the most exalted sport.

Bud Spencer was the first Italian to swim the 100-meter freestyle in less than a minute. He participated with the Italian national swimming team in the Olympic Games of Helsinki 52, where he was a finalist, and Melbourne 56. In addition, he was a water polo player before turning to comedy.

Johnny Weissmüller

He has been perhaps the most connected actor in sport for many years. Before playing Tarzan in 1932, Johnny Weissmüller He was one of the most important Olympic swimmers at the turn of the 20th century for the United States: won five Olympic medals.

Weissmüller participated in Paris 24 Yes Amsterdam 28, far from what followed, from 1932, with his character of Tarzan: They were 14 films in which he played it.

Estelle warren

He is by no means one of the best movie stars. Many, perhaps, remember her for participating in the remake that Tim burton made of Planet of the Apes, in 2001. But before that, Estelle warrenHe also stood out as an athlete.

The Canadian was part of the team that competed in the Atlanta 96 Olympics in synchronized swimming, at 18 years old. After that her life started to revolve around modeling, which drove her straight to Hollywood.

Geena Davis

When Geena Davis she competed for a spot at the Sydney 2000 Olympics for which she was already famous. In 1991 he had starred in the classic Thelma and Louise and her silhouette has never ceased to be valued. But the actress had a hidden passion: bow and arrows.

“When I saw how they won gold medals (at Atlanta 96) I thought it was very dramatic and beautiful and I asked myself:”Would you be good at this?‘”, commented the interpreter in an interview with the magazine People. So, with little experience, he jumped for a place in the Olympic team for the 2000 tournament, after two years of intensive training.

Her 24th position didn’t qualify her for the Olympic team, but she did. a “joker” position at the International Flèche d’Or competition in Sydney in 1999.

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