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Hollywood celebrities and Dallas businesswomen gathered to celebrate Cheryl magazine’s incredible year in print

Cheryl Magazine’s lavish 3D immersive virtual cocktail and networking event is a toast to technological and social experiments in the metaverse.

(The Magazine Plus Editorial): – City of Dallas, Texas April 7, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Cheryl Magazine, the fast-selling all-women’s destination magazine celebrated its first official year in print with a star-studded experience the latest Friday, April 1, it was no joke. The publication has weathered the pandemic as a medium on a mission to position itself as a credible industry resource and has received endorsed accolades from a host of global brands and powerhouse professionals across the country.

After a successful year in print that included subscriptions in over ten countries, and a congratulatory nod and welcome to the industry from magazine’s Spring/Summer 2021 cover girl Michele Thornton Ghee, CEO from Ebony/Jet, and Mikki Taylor, veteran Cover Director and Beauty Editor of Essence and current Editor-in-Chief, it was time to celebrate!

Cheryl Magazine took a two-pronged approach to the production of its celebratory event by offering a live-streamed VIP red carpet party held at the Emmy-winning space The Black Academy of Arts and Letters (TBAAL) , as well as an immersive 3D Virtual Experience of epic proportions, curated by Trade Show Production Manager and Design Genius Shannon SG. Jarrett, CEO of Speak Beautiful, LLC. The networking that took place during this lavish technological revolution was a toast to the metaverse. 300 guests were able to move around the virtual space going from table to table, enjoying the entertainment, visiting the virtual bar, mingling with global brand executives and shopping in the virtual market while being immersed in a setting of lavishly styled living room. Guests also grabbed a virtual goodie bag filled with beauty products and selected bespoke items.

Cheryl Polote Williamson, namesake and owner of the magazine, said: “We were LIVE, we were virtual, and we showed up dazzling and dressed up! Viewers around the world sat online in glitter and jewelry. Many also hit the dance floor at home as the big in-person festivities further enhanced the environment.

Started as a conversation between two longtime friends where Polote Williamson and Traci Henderson Smith discussed elevation The Cheryl brand newsletter. Henderson Smith, Coverage Director and Editor, set to work creating a four-page digital publication highlighting the great work Polote Williamson is doing across the country. She added some stories, information, and resources for entrepreneurs, grabbed a retirement logo, put the word magazine under it, and went back to her sorority sister and said, “Let’s make a magazine.” After five months of expansion and an incredible response, Polote Williamson assembled a team and moved from digital to print. Together they have made it their mission to capture the stories of incredible women and share them with the world.

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