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Hollywood Celebrities Mock Scott Morrison in YouTube Stunt: ‘Stop Lying’

A wave of Hollywood celebrities have recorded insulting messages for Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, as part of a stunt from an Australian YouTube personality.

Jordan Shanks-Markovina, known as friendlyjordies online, paid hundreds of dollars for American stars to read messages meant for ScoMo.

Breaking Bad actor Dean Norris – who plays DEA agent Hank Schrader in the award-winning series – recorded a message, while rapper Flavor Flav and TV host Chris Hansen also filmed screams.

Breaking Bad actor Dean Norris weirdly yelled at Scott Morrison. Source: AAP/TIkTok

“Hey Scomo, its Dean Norris aka Hank Schrader here. This post here is sponsored by the Minerals Council, okay,” Norris begins.

“Now Scomo, you’re the smartest guy I’ve ever met. But you’re too stupid to see yourself lost the election 10 months ago.”

The words were part of a suggested script Mr Shanks-Markovina provided via a website called Cameo, where people can pay celebrities to record a personalized message for them.

Mr. Norris’ Cameo profile offers a custom video for $416.

It’s likely the Hollywood star had no idea who he was talking about, as the YouTuber told Mr Norris that ScoMo was running in a student election.

Flavor Flav paid to join Scomo’s review

Rapper Flavor Flav also seemed to have no idea who he was talking to, but called Mr Morrison at “Stop lying”.

“They say ScoMo is a liar — he lies all the time,” the musician says in the $487 video.

“Hey Scomo, they told me to tell you to stop lying because God doesn’t like liars. ScoMo – liar, liar, pants on bush fires. Can you now stop lying Scomo?

Rapper Flavor Flav (left) and TV star Chris Hansen

Rapper Flavor Flav (left) and TV star Chris Hansen have both recorded messages for ScoMo. Source: YouTube/friendlyjordies

The rapper admitted he didn’t know the context behind what he was saying, but offered some parting words: “Hold it ScoMo…and lie no more.”

The final cry came from TV star Chris Hansen, known for a series called To Catch a Predator – a show that filmed sting operations targeting online sexual predators.

“It seems here that you hung out with this guy Brian Houstonsays Mr. Hansen, likely referring to the founder of Hillsong Church.

“Suspicious character, one of many strange players you have associated with. This is the kind of behavior that might lead you to meet me in a dark kitchen somewhere for questioning where your the ukulele won’t save you.”

He ended the post by telling ScoMo to “find better characters to hang out with.”

Mr. Hansen was paid $103 to film the video.

The clip collection has been published on YouTube Thursday and garnered over 200,000 views in 24 hours.

“Getting famous people to say shit about Scomo? By the gods, that’s a pretty epic moving crew,” one viewer said, describing the video as “art.”

“We should all appreciate how much Jordie spent on this just for our entertainment,” said another.

“It made my whole week, so so so good. I’m still dying,” laughed another.

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