Hollywood celebrities

Hollywood celebrities react to the Russian-Ukrainian war

The actor Chris Evanswho gave life to Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, shared a thread from the reporter Jim Sciuttowhich recounts all the actions of Putin until the current conflict.

Catherine Winnick chose to fill his instagram with images of support for Ukraine. “I am with Ukraine,” said the series actress vikings. While, Jamie Lee Curtis shared photos that were published in the media about the conflict.

Stephen Kingfor his part, analyzed the war situation as follows: “What most of us learned at recess: you don’t stay there while a big boy hits a little boy. You might have to throw a punch or two to stop the big hit, but it’s the right thing to do,” noted American writer of horror novels, supernatural fiction, mystery, science fiction and fantasy literature.

“We have to stop this,” he said. Rosie O’Donnell in reference to Vladimir Poutine. ultimately, Dear He chose to send several tweets in which he called “despot” for Putin and says, among other things, that if given the chance, it will devour sovereign countries until the USSR is resurrected.

Actress and singer Cher reacts to the Russian-Ukrainian war.

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