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Hollywood celebrities react to violence from Capitol Hill: Hell doesn’t have fury like a despised narcissist, Sean Penn says

Celebrities took to social media to condemn the violence and chaos on the U.S. Capitol grounds on January 6. A faction of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building on Wednesday during the vote count for the Electoral College of US President-elect Joe Biden.

It came shortly after Donald Trump established himself as the winner of the recent election held at a rally. Trump is reported to have encouraged people to come to Capitol Hill in order to make their voices heard. Soon the building was surrounded by Trump supporters who came to wave their flags.

Chris Evans, Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin among other celebrities reacted to the incident on social media and called for a peaceful transition of power.

Chris Evans tweeted: “I’m speechless.”

“This desperate ‘man’ and his silly sheep,” comedian and creator Issa Rae said in a social media post.

Hollywood actor-filmmaker Sean Penn tweeted: “Hell doesn’t have fury like a despised narcissist.”

Singer Pink said she was embarrassed to see the state of affairs. The musician shared a message on Twitter that read: “As an American citizen, the daughter of two veterans and the sister of another, I am ashamed of what is happening in Washington. Hypocrisy, shame, embarrassment. Unpatriotic hypocritical sheep drinking Kool aid poison. It is a sad day for America.

Alec Baldwin, who has played Donald Trump in many SNL sketches, said on Twitter: “How much of a chance did Trump have to undo the damage he himself made? He had a lot of chances. But Trump is a psychotic maniac. So…”

Mark Ruffalo asked his followers to “remember these people” and wrote in an article: “Everything is BS. Now look at the face of lawlessness, look at this willful ignorance, remember these people. They are enemies of democracy.