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Hollywood celebrities shooting in Ireland – from Patrick Dempsey to Hugh Grant

Now is a good time to be a celebrity watcher in Ireland, as a slew of Hollywood talent has landed on our shores in recent weeks.

Despite the pandemic, the series must continue for big budget productions and it is in full swing for many large-scale projects.

While some stars, such as Josh O’Connor of The Crown and Sarah Hyland of Modern Family, have left our shores, others have taken their place.

Here is a look at some of the famous faces currently enjoying Irish hospitality.

Amy adams

The 46-year-old Oscar-nominated actress landed in Ireland a few months ago to work on the sequel to her 2007 hit film Enchanted.

Entitled Disenchanted, fans were delighted to see sets built in Eniskerry and on the RDS grounds in Dublin.

Adams delighted fans when she posted a video on social media announcing that she was in the country, but sightings of her have been scarce so far – although she did bring her daughter to the National Gallery on his birthday.

Patrick Dempsey returns for Enchanted Disenchanted with Amy Adams sequel

Patrick dempsey

Adams Disenchanted co-star Patrick Dempsey made the most of his time in Ireland.

Fan favorite Grey’s Anatomy, 55, who played Dr. “McDreamy” Derek Sheppard on the series, was staying at Olivia’s Haven in Coleraine, County Derry, for his first two weeks on the Emerald Isle.

Patrick Dempsey surprises fans in traffic while filming Disney's Disenchanted in Dundalk
Patrick Dempsey surprises fans in traffic while filming Disney’s Disenchanted in Dundalk

He seemed to like the area, posting photos regularly on his social media. He got particularly fond of a donkey named Neddy with whom he was pictured telling the owner of Olivia’s Haven that they should set up the animal on his own Instagram account.

Since then, Dempsey has regularly published articles on Ireland and has also spotted shoots on several occasions.

Maya rudolph

Maya kept a low profile while in Ireland, but she took an excursion around Ireland’s Eye.

Another Disenchated star Rudolph kept her arrival in Ireland very calm and it wasn’t until she and her family took a boat cruise around Ireland’s Eye that people realized she was here.

The 48-year-old actress will play villainous Malvina Monroe in the fantasy musical. Upon announcing his casting, Rudolph tweeted: “What’s a good fairy tale without a big bad guy? I’ll see you in Andalasia my pretty ….”

Elizabeth banks

Video upload

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Elizabeth Banks arrived in Ireland with a bang this week to shoot her new movie Cocaine Bear.

The 47-year-old star posted a video of her early experiences in the country which has racked up nearly 165,000 views. The video showed her familiarizing herself with driving on the left side of the road and appearing puzzled at Tayto.

The Pitch Perfect star stays in the upscale suburb of Dalkey while she’s here and outgoing Dublin Mayor Hazel Chu recommended that she take inspiration from fellow Hollywood star Matt Damon’s book, posting on Twitter of the star: “I recommend to take a SuperValu bag and go to the beach x”

Hugh grant

Hugh Grant is currently filming on Dungeons and Dragons around Carrickfergus Castle
Hugh is currently filming on Dungeons and Dragons around Carrickfergus Castle

Fresh off his hit on Sky Atlantic’s massive hit, The Undoing, Grant has landed in Belfast to film fantasy action-adventure Dungeons and Dragons.

The Bridget Jones’s Diary and Love Actually star is reportedly playing the villain in the film and, so far, has only been seen on set where he is dressed in a suit of a long brown embroidered overcoat with white cuffs. with ruffles and a blue silk scarf.

Chris Pin

Chris Pine kept a low profile while filming Dungeons and Dragons
Chris Pine kept a low profile while filming Dungeons and Dragons

Hunky Wonder Woman star Chris Pine is also in Ireland filming Dungeons and Dragons, but he was not seen anywhere other than when he landed.

However, Pine didn’t even hang around and was escorted to his accommodation in a black limousine with a driver. So far we’ve only seen photos of him on set.

Michelle rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez posted videos of the Irish landscape saying: "my heart loves this land"
Michelle Rodriguez posted videos of Irish landscapes saying “my heart loves this land”

Currently appearing on the big screen in F9, Rodriguez, 42, is another Dungeon and Dragon actor.

She was spotted circling Belfast on an electric scooter while wearing a futuristic face mask (obviously without trying to draw attention to herself!)

She also posted a video of the Irish landscape on her Instagram, commenting: “Ireland is kind of poetry, with its moody sky, 50 shades of green, full spectrum rainbows, my heart loves this land . “

Jane seymour

The Star BBQ brought together Jane Seymour, Brian O'Driscoll, David O'Doherty, director John Buter and Andrew Scott's sister Sarah.
Jane recently enjoyed a barbecue with her co-star Amy Huberman Brian O’Driscoll, David O’Doherty, director John Butler and Andrew Scott’s sister Sarah.

Former Bond Girl Jane Seymour has filmed her new Harry Wild TV show in Ireland over the past few months and has thrilled fans with her behind-the-scenes Instagram post.

She also learned how to pull a pint of Guinness and became very friendly with co-star Amy Huberman, even attending a barbecue at her home with Brian O’Driscoll on the grill and David O’Doherty on the guest list.