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Hollywood celebrities who died tragically

Hollywood He knew how to have great actors throughout his history and they managed to mark territory in the cinematographic world. However, some have passed away in ways that were less expected and difficult to overcome.

Many of them died in an accident or others due to terminal illness. Then you will see some actors who marked a gray day in the world of cinema. Who are they?

Robin guillaume

Robin guillaume was an American comedian, actor and voice actor, winner of an Academy Award, five Golden Globes, one Screen Actors Guild Award, two Emmy Awards and three Grammy Awards. The actor was found dead in his bedroom on August 11, 2014.

The preliminary investigation into Robin William’s death confirmed that he hanged himself with a belt in his bedroom. As reported by law enforcement authorities. On the other hand, the representative indicated that the actor was struggling with severe depression.

Paul walker

He was one of the main actors who was part of the saga “Fast and furious”, life’s coincidences led to his death in connection with cars. Walker he was killed on Saturday, November 30, 2013 in a car accident in California.

He was a passenger in a friend’s car, in which they both died. Tragic outcome of a cinematographic life linked to speed and racing cars.

Brittany Murphy

Brittany Anne Bertolotti, better known as Brittany Murphy, was an American actress and singer. Born in Atlanta, Murphy moved to Los Angeles as a teenager and pursued an acting career.

The actress was found dead in her Hollywood Hills home at the age of 32 on December 20, 2009. The combination of factors derived from pneumonia and the mixture of drugs was the cause of death.

Anton Yelchin

Anton Yelchin was one of the actors who had another tragic accident. Before he died, he agreed to meet some friends, but when they saw that they were not showing up, they went to look for him and saw him lifeless between the wall and his car. According to investigations, there was an accidental crash.

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