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Hollywood celebrities who joined social networks in 2021: from Angelina Jolie to Jon Stewart

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Whether it’s Instagram or Twitter, it seems everyone on the globe has a social platform. However, there are a handful of well-known people who have long ignored social media. While others have commented on their reasons for not embarking on the adventure, it seems many are finally getting used to the notion and making their debut on social media sites. Despite the fact that Instagram and Twitter have been around since the mid-2000s, some of Hollywood’s A-lists have fallen behind and will be joining these platforms in 2021. Keep scrolling to see which celebrities took their time to connect to social media, from Angelina Jolie to Jon Stewart and more.

Angelina Jolie

After over a year, one of the world’s greatest artists joined Instagram. The philanthropist, who also describes herself as a “mom and filmmaker,” joined the forum with an important announcement in support of Indigenous women who are terrified of the Taliban’s recent conquest of the nation. The article included a letter written by a young Afghan girl who is afraid of losing her rights to education, work and freedom, according to Jolie. Jolie’s messages have been mostly about humanitarian issues since her arrival.

Jung Jae Lee

Lee Jung Jae, who is now enjoying popularity with his new show “Squid Game”, amazed his fans by joining social media. The actor, who previously avoided the platform, posted a hilarious selfie with a comment. “Is that… the way it’s done?” #Squid Game, #Lee Jung Jae. “He was writing at the moment. The star currently has 5.2 million followers on Instagram.

Hae-soo park

On October 2, the 39-year-old artist, recognized as one of South Korea’s most famous actors, returned to the camera app. The actor’s first post is a photo he looks like he’s having fun in. “This is Park Hae Soo, I also joined,” he captioned the post. He later shared a few more photographs from his exhibit, Squid Game. He currently has 2.8 million followers on Instagram.

Gong yoo

Fans of South Korean actor Gong Yoo rejoiced every time the actor joined Instagram in December. Gong Yoo’s management company SOOP released a statement featuring the actor’s new Instagram account. The actor refers to the famous program Squid Game, in which he played as a guest, during his first post.

Jon stewart

Stewart, whose humorous views on politics and the portrayal of it by mainstream media have delighted and enlightened millions of viewers for years, will join Twitter in January 2021. In his third tweet, Stewart added: Becoming President, Yes ? in a probably satirical allusion to Donald Trump’s habits on the site, from which he is now permanently banned.

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