Hollywood celebrities

Hollywood celebrities who love to play casino games

Many Hollywood celebrities like to gamble in the big Las Vegas casinos. However, there are those who cannot live without excitement. Some Hollywood celebrities love excitement and sometimes visit casinos. And in this article, we are going to share with you the names of the most avid gamblers and addicts who are well known in Hollywood.

#1 – Eva Longoria

This Hollywood actress is well known around the world for her starring role in the Desperate Housewives TV series. A celebrity can’t imagine his life without the popular game of real money casinos – poker. However, Eva decided she didn’t just want to lose her money. This is why, in 2008, she created a charity which regularly organizes poker tournaments. All profits do not go to the casino account but are donated to charitable foundations.

Thus, Longoria satisfies her need for excitement and does a good deed. Show business celebrities are always invited to tournaments and, of course, Eva is the first of them. The actress decided that the money received from her events would go to people with intellectual development problems.

#2 – Cameron Diaz

Although the actress ended her career 6 years ago, she is still well known in Hollywood. Cameron has never hidden that she was a real gamer; in many interviews, the woman confesses her addiction. Diaz also prefers to play poker. The actress’s passion for this game arose quite by accident.

Once, Cameron invited famous TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres to her house for dinner. It was then that the woman taught the actress how to play poker. Diaz easily beat the TV presenter and her husband! Since then, the celebrity regularly participates in tournaments. Like Eva, she donates her earned money to charity. Her wards are children with cancer.

#3 – Paris Hilton

The Hollywood actress and socialite admits that she has long had a huge fortune, so she can spend money without thinking about the future. Therefore, one of the main entertainments of the celebrity is the casino. No matter what part of the United States she comes from, she wants to try her luck.

By the way, once Paris decided to celebrate her birthday in a casino in Las Vegas. Then luck turned to her and she was able to win $30,000 at the blackjack card game. On her Instagram page, Hilton often talks about addiction, sharing tips and interesting stories with people.

#4 – Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck concludes the ranking of the game’s celebrities. The actor is so obsessed with card games that he hired Annie Duke, winner of the World Series of Poker of Champions and author of books on poker, as a teacher. The actor has been successful in this, and many casinos don’t allow Ben to play at their blackjack tables.