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Hollywood locals and actors are on screen this weekend

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) – Last year, film crews, Hollywood actors and even local talent brought the stages to life right here in Jonesboro.

12 hour shift been written and directed by Brea Grant. She got the idea for the film from stories she heard.

“The idea came from growing up in a small town,” she said. “I grew up in East Texas and wanted to make a movie that captured the small towns of the 90s but was really funny and silly. I also like urban legends.

She started her acting career in Friday night lights. From there, she continued acting on television and in other films.

Seven years ago, she directed her first film, Best friends forever, which makes 12 hour shift his second feature film.

“What people don’t realize is the amount of work that goes into making it. You only see the end product,” she said. “I wrote it for a couple of years. Then we do pre-production because, I mean, our pre-production was short, but it was still three or four months after that. Then we shoot for about three or four weeks. Then I’m on the job for about five or six months.

Grant said a scene takes about six hours to shoot.

The inhabitants can be spotted throughout the film. The actors in the background are local to Jonesboro. Producer Tara Perry is also from the area.

“I played a lost woman,” Molly Simpson said. “She doesn’t really have a name, but she’s lost and she’s trying to find her direction, and she kind of meddles in everything that’s going on.”

The film’s location was shot on the first and third floors of the Arkansas Continuing Care Hospital. For those who got a glimpse, Grant said they loved it.

“It really looks amazing. Everyone who saw the movie asked me where we shot it because they all think the place is so cool,” she said.

The director said she enjoyed her time in northeast Arkansas and wouldn’t mind coming back.

“I would totally come back to Jonesboro. We had such a great time there. The Arkansas Film Commission has been very helpful to us,” she said. “Shooting in a place like LA or New York is really great because the city is really supportive. People watching the movie will recognize people from your community.

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