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Hollywood Loves Indian Food: There are famous Hollywood stars who are more crazy about Litti Chokha and Aloo Chaat than Burger-Pizza

Shakira, Lady Gaga and many Hollywood stars love Indian food. We often hear about the favorite food of Bollywood stars, but what is interesting is that Hollywood stars love to eat Indian dishes.

Shakira Lady Gaga and many Hollywood stars love Indian food: There are many Indian dishes such as Ras Malai, Gajar Ka Halwa, Aloo Chaat, Samosa and Kachori which are mouth watering by name. Indian cuisine is famous not only in the country but also abroad. There are even many Hollywood celebrities who adore Indian cuisine such as litti chokha and ras malai, leaving pizza burgers behind. Here we will tell you about some of those Hollywood stars who can’t stop staring at Indian food and what Indian dish they like.


International star Shakira is an Indian chicken fan, she loves all Indian chicken dishes. Her favorite is Chicken Tikka and Chicken Afghan. Apart from that, she is very fond of Rasmalai and Gajar Ka Halwa in desserts. Interestingly, Shakira was told about the Indian dish by her partner, Spanish bowler Gerard Pique.

Tom Cruise

Actor Tom Cruise, known for movies like Mission Impossible and Top Gun, loves Chicken Tikka Masala and Indian Lobster. Tom often goes to the nearest Indian restaurant to enjoy Indian food.


American singer and writer Madonna loves South Indian dishes. She had said in one of her interviews that when she went to India, she learned how a diet could satisfy hunger by eating idli. Madonna loves the aroma of Indian cuisine, like the smell of fresh coriander in curries.

Lady Gaga

If you grew up with Lady Gaga, hardly any Hollywood actor will be crazy about Indian food. At one point, Lady Gog was so obsessed that she ate Indian curry three times a day and quit when her manager banned her. Gaga loves Chicken Lababdar.

mandy moore

Hollywood star Mandy Moore is a big fan of Indian Masala Chai. Mandy loves famous Bihar food, Litti Chokha.