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Hollywood movies that will inspire you to never give up on college

There are plenty of activities to keep you busy as a college or university student. But everyone deserves a break or a day off to allow the brain and body to relax and recharge. As a student, taking regular breaks can help you focus, increase your productivity, and reduce stress.

However, the best way to exhaust stress as a student is to engage in productive activities. Movies can be a great way to keep your mind focused and get extra motivation.

We have compiled a list of inspiring and motivational Hollywood movies that will encourage you to never give up on your studies. Take a journey with these inspiring teachers, students, women and men who share something in common with you. They all want to achieve significant success in their chosen fields.

Goodwill hunting

Will Hunting is a 20 year old mathematician very good in chemistry and math. He didn’t realize what his potential had to offer, so he worked as a janitor at MIT. He was also involved in street fights and petty crime, but things changed during his sessions with psychologist Sean, a character played by Robin Williams.

It’s the perfect motivational movie to help you realize a hidden talent. Actor Matt Damon took on the role of Will Hunting to show that an underachiever can still do great things.

Society of Dead Poets

This story is about an awkwardly shy teenager who was forced into a strict school by his parents. He was torn between meeting his parents’ high expectations and going against the school status quo with the other boys in his class.

Unconventional English teacher John Keating (Robin Williams), used his love of classic literature and poetry to help the boys break down barriers at Welton Academy.

This film will help you rekindle your passion for learning. There are a lot of emotional scenes, but the part where Keating’s students demonstrate what he means to them will surely give you goosebumps.

freedom fighters

This inspiring film shot in 2017 tells the success story of Erin Gruwell. It’s a study-oriented movie for people who struggle with education. Coping with the school’s workload can be very difficult for students. Hilary Swank played the character of Erin in this movie. She acted as a passionate teacher with a strong will to inspire her class on the importance of education.

Don’t Forget the Ratings When Watching Movies

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The great debaters

Starring Denzel Washington and produced by Oprah, this heartwarming tale will make you appreciate every teacher who saw your potential. The movie will lift your spirits, especially if you’ve been motivated at some point by a parent or teacher.

Melvin B Tolson made a dramatic account of his story in this very motivational movie. He was a professor who encouraged his class to challenge Harvard students to a debating championship. You will also find this film inspiring even as a teacher or trainer.

school of rock

School of Rock demonstrates that academic success is not a loss solely due to a student’s current struggle or background. Jack Balck starred as Dewey Finn, a struggling rock guitarist who became a teacher at a prestigious elementary school. He used his creativity and his love for music to transform a class of unhappy children into an invincible group of fourth graders.

This film shows how education can inspire positive change in those least expected. Watch how the irresistible Jack Black taught his students to never give up on education using music. The film will motivate you to fight for your dream.

Stand up and deliver

Stand and Deliver will inspire you as a student who likes to learn outside the box. This is another study related film based on a true story.

In this story, James Escalante quit his job to become a math teacher at a school notorious for its rebellious students. He was able to take his students from struggle to success in two years. This film will help you understand that success is possible no matter what someone has told you in the past.


Do you need a little motivation to get you started with tedious school activities? Studies show that students are easily overwhelmed and distracted by the workload of school. Watching inspiring movies is the best way to spend your leisure hours, while your brain and body get the necessary rest they need. You will find the movies in this article very inspiring and heartwarming.

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