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Hollywood stars Chris Evans and Ana de Armas name a move from WWE Champion Roman Reigns’ arsenal as their favorite action move

Hollywood stars Chris Evans and Ana de Armas once revealed that they are fans of superman punch, a move that Roman Reigns uses in WWE.

MCU’s Captain America, aka Chris Evans, is one of the most beloved Hollywood actors in the world. The 41-year-old actor starred in one of the world’s biggest action films, Avengers: End Game. However, if you talk about his favorite action move, he has a WWE connection. In fact, he’s related to current WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

During promotions for his latest Hollywood project (The Gray Man), Chris Evans alongside his co-star Ana de Armas was interviewed by CNN-News18. There, Evans opened up about his fondness for the move used by Roman Reigns.

Chris Evans shows how to deliver Roman Reigns’ Superman Punch

During the show, the Hollywood stars talked about their latest action movie, how they worked for the fight scenes, and more. The two also named the action move they like the most. Ana revealed her crush would either be Kicks or a Superman Punch.

Speaking of MCU’s Captain America, he also seems to be a fan of Roman Reigns’ devastating move. Chris Evans said he also loves the superman punch and even told others how to perform it perfectly. He stated

“You know what? I actually like a superman punch… Superman Punch is when you jump on one foot, and you jump with a long foot, and you punch in the air.

Although he doesn’t like Headbutts, he thinks Superman Punch is a “big” hit.

Now that Evans has named Superman Punch as his favorite action move, let’s see when will he use it on the big screen. Meanwhile, the WWE Superstar uses Superman Punch alongside his other moves to extend his undisputed title reign.

The head of the table claims he will defeat Logan Paul using his Superman Punch

Alongside his Bloodline and Wiseman, the WWE Tribal Leader also has a great arsenal of in-ring moves to destroy everyone and leave. One of them is Superman Punch, a move he’s used to knock many WWE legends to the ground. In fact, Reigns recently hinted that he could use his famous move to knock out his next opponent, Logan Paul.

In one of his recent interviews, The Head of the Table said he will defeat the former boxer and YouTuber with a Superman Punch. Reigns claimed he was going to break his jaw and send him home. Reigns is set to face Logan Paul at the upcoming Crown Jewel PPV.

Well, if that turns out to be true, fans could see Roman Reigns retaining his title with Captain America’s action move.

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