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Hollywood stars pay tribute after Oscar-winning actor Sidney Poitier dies at 94

07 Jan 2022 10:53 PM STI

Washington [US], January 7 (ANI): Hollywood stars such as Tyler Perry, Whoopi Goldberg, Viola Davis, among others, took to social media on Friday and paid tribute to Sidney Poitier, who has died at 94.
Poitier had starred in many pioneering films, such as “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”, “In the Heat of the Night” and “They Call Me Mister Tibbs”.
Paying her tribute on Instagram, Perry wrote: “Around this time last year Cicely Tyson was releasing her book and promoting it. I had no idea she would pass away soon after. Now, to wake me up. this morning on a call that Sidney Poitier has passed away … all I can tell you is that my heart has broken in another place. The grace and the class that this man has shown throughout throughout his life, the example he gave me, not only as a black man but as a human being will never be forgotten. There is no man in this business who has been more of a pole star to me than Sidney Poitier.
“I will never forget inviting him and Cicely to fly to South Africa with me. Selfishly, I wanted to keep them both captive for hours on the road as I traveled. literally sat at their feet and listened to their wisdom and experiences. It was life changing. All I can say is thank you for your life, thank you for your example and thank you for your amazing gift. But most of all, thank you for having agreed to share YOU to make us all better, ”he added.

Questlove called Poitier “A King”. He said: “One of the greatest actors of his generation. We all have our Poitier era. Growing up in the 70s I have to say that” Uptown Saturday Night “was possibly the first movie I have. never watched. (The Uptown / Again / Piece of trilogy was a staple / regular diet in every household in the ’70s.) You already know I can spit paragraphs about what his activism stood for, especially at a A time when his accolades were happening in the Civil Rights days – but man, that’s more of a personal reflection because of the bond his’ 70s films made for me and my family. Rest in peace. And thank you. “

Goldberg said in his tribute that Poitier “showed us how to reach for the stars”. She tweeted: “If you wanted the sky I would write across the sky in letters that would rise a thousand feet high. To sir … with love Sir Sidney Poitier RIP He showed us how to reach for the stars. “

Actor Jeffrey Wright paid tribute by calling Poitier “a benchmark actor”. He wrote: “Sidney Poitier. What a historic actor. One of a kind. What a magnificent man, gracious, warm, truly royal. RIP, sir. With love.

Tina Knowles said: “Sir Sidney Poitier will be sadly missed by the whole world! It was a real class number! A pioneer for leading black men. Handsome, talented and so gracious. I had the pleasure of meeting him and talking to him. him several times. Pray for his family. RIP Sir. “

Coleman Domingo wrote: “When you pronounce the name Sidney Poitier there was always such respect and humanity attached to that name.”
Davis wrote: “This is a big deal. No words can describe how your work has radically changed my life. The dignity, normalcy, strength, excellence and the sheer electricity that you have brought to your roles have us showed that we as black people matter !! It was an honor … “
“Sidney Poitier. An absolute legend. One of the greatest,” Joseph Gordon-Levitt tweeted.
Poitier, the pioneering actor and director who became Hollywood’s first bankable black man, broke multiple racial barriers over the course of his decades-long career, most notably when he became the first black actor to win the Oscar, for her role in 1963. du champ’s ‘Lilies’.
In January of this year, Arizona State University named its new film school in his honor. The Sidney Poitier New American Film School was unveiled in a virtual ceremony.
The star’s death was confirmed to Fox News by the Bahamas Foreign Office on Friday. He is survived by his wife of 45 years, Joanna and six daughters. (ANI)