Hollywood stars

Hollywood stars regulate market dynamics

If you have opened this article, it means that are you interested in the world of NFT (Non Fungible Token), a topic we also covered regarding Twitter: the integration of NFTs.

NFTs i am slowly emerged from the margins of the cryptosphere and the art and music industries welcomed him with open arms blockchain-based technology. Without surprise Hollywood followed suitand NFT’s fame already goes far beyond director Quentin Tarantino’s recent legal battle over the release of his collection.

The wily ones of Hollywood

With the exorbitant NFT sales that dominate recent headlines and reveal the opportunity to generate headlines and profits, adoption by NFT from Hollywood isn’t exactly a major twist. The wonder launched an NFT Collection earlier this year, giving fans the ability to digitally collect iconic characters from the franchise such as Captain America and Captain Marvel.

Bored Ape Yacht Club is one of the most important realities of today with regard to their own Non-fungible token. The collection is actually the set of a long series of limited edition images: the value of these jobs will fluctuate continuously based on requestatto offer and toexclusive to the collection. However, a recent reportstudied the links that support this type of structure, highlighting certainly particular and suspicious dynamics to know before investing in this type of asset.

NFT and Blockchain surely have a lot more to implement and ongoing experiments are on the agenda, but something is happening to the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection leading directly to Hollywood. In fact, now let’s see what these crafty movie stars have come up with.

Thanks to a‘Read Max Analysis match excerpt from Paris Hilton’s interview from jimmy fallon to the famous American program “The Show Tonight”in which the 2 stars enthusiastically discuss the asset “Bored monkey”. For that link you can see the piece of the video, posted on Twitter by James Keller.

The two do not deny having invested in this asset, on the contrary, they pride themselves on having shelled out their hard-earned gains: buying advice more or less declared, probably very well documented behind the scenes. After all, who better than the stars to create a sense of exclusivity?

The network that highlights the Read Max report see names like: Gwyneth Paltrow, Logan Paul, Eminel and Justin Bieber. All sharing the same investment, but above all by the same agencies. Moreover, we find Kucherstar of a Netflix show with Reese Witherspoon, married to a manager of the same agency and one of the largest investors in NFTs.

Source: Read Max

A dense network, which Read Max summarized as follows:

“Ponzi scheme”, “pyramid scheme”, “multilevel marketing”, “conspiracy” “just old financial capitalism working as intended”?

The one reported by the Read Max report, does not show nothing illegal. Simply they are a group of rich and famous people who take advantage of their position and their friendships. In Italy they could be called trivially “The Usual Tricksters”.

Best to keep judgments out of this story, in short. The important thing is to know what dynamics govern the NFT market.