Hollywood stars

Hollywood stars shone brightest for the Rams when it mattered most

Jhe Los Angeles Rams were very clear and even cheeky in their decision to go all-in to become the second team to play in a superbowl as a home team, acquiring two top players mid-season to bolster an already star-studded roster.

The big mid-season acquisitions

When the Rams acquired the star linebacker Von Miller Denver Broncos and controversial wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. of the Cleveland Browns mid-season, the Rams were dubbed the NFL’s “Dream Team,” with players like Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey, Matthew Stafford, Cooper Kuppto name a few, in addition to their star players.

But the rationale behind Beckham and Miller’s arrival was not for them to perform at their best in the regular season, the general manager’s intention The Sneads and head coach Sean McVay was for them to give their best in the playoffs.

The Odell Beckham Jr. Show

The beginning of the road has been wonderful for the aforementioned plan, as Beckham, who has just played in the second post-season game of his career, earned his first victory in the NFL playoff games.

In addition, OBJ opened the scoring for the Rams with a welcome worthy of his early years with the New York Giantsand he became the first player in playoff history to complete a pass and catch another from at least 30 yards.

The return of Von Miller, MVP of Super Bowl 50

Speaking of Miller, the spectacular outside linebacker had played his last playoff game when he became the Super Bowl 50 MVP with the Broncos, and after five years of absence in this type of game, he came back in the playoffs and made it to the level of this game against the Carolina Panthers at Levi’s Stadium.

Miller was the game leader in tackles for Los Angeles, totaling six in the game, as well as bagging an erratic Kyler Murray.

Now Beckham, Miller and the rest of the Rams constellation of stars will have to travel to Tampa Bay to take on the NFL’s biggest star, the quarterback. Tom Brady Buccaneers on Sunday, January 23, and we’re already rubbing our hands.