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Hollywood stars show their support for Bruce Willis after his retirement

Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images

Bruce Willis is a name synonymous with Hollywood – a star actor, a phenomenally talented human, and someone who is simply easy to be a fan of. He’s been a fixture in the entertainment industry since the 1980s, and he’s captivated audiences as much as he’s made them laugh and cry. The man was even one of the first investors in Planet Hollywood.

Today his daughter, Rumer Willis, announced that Bruce will be retiring after being diagnosed with aphasia. She noted that his career and his fans meant so much to him and that the decision was difficult. However, aphasia affects his cognitive function, and it was a choice that had to be made. With a sweet photo, she thanked fans for their support and promised they would party like Willis always says to do.

Willis won the hearts of fans around the world in films like Armageddon, The sixth sense, Unbreakable, pulp Fictionand of course, die hard. His career spans decades and his contribution to the industry will impact the entertainment field for years to come. He is a force, he has an immeasurable reach and he has all the love and support from people all over the world.

In the moments after the announcement, friends, loved ones and co-stars of Willis began sharing messages of support and adoration for the man they hold dear.

Kevin Smith paid tribute to his career and took the opportunity to say that before the “get out of the cop stuff” – the two apparently disagreed on set – he was a huge Willis fan.

Issac Feldberg also took the opportunity to pay tribute to Willis’ career and sent him his best wishes for his retirement.

Seth Green shared a lot of love for Willis and his entire family.

Film critic Robert Daniels said it best – few were better than Willis, and his presence in the film world will be missed.

Matthew Marsden worked with Willis on one of his last films, and he’s grateful for the privilege.

Chad Michael Murray also paid tribute to Willis and called the affair with him an honor.

Writer, podcaster and small business owner Wynter calls for a digital remaster Illegal work, and we can follow this conversation. Willis is the best of the best.

Seamus Blackley was able to chat at a bar in Paris after the owner needed an American to come talk to his boss, Bruce Willis. Can you imagine the conversation and bond built that night? What a treat.

Fans and those who have worked with Willis share how much they love and appreciate Willis for his talents and absolute power on and off screen.

The wonderful thing about acting is that it cements a role for eternity, allowing the actors and actresses who play them to do the same. As Willis enjoys his retirement with his loved ones, his fans will still be able to put on a movie and relive the absolute legend that Willis was and always will be. To a happy retirement and time spent with family.