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Hollywood stars stand with Emma Watson, Palestinians in conflict with Israel

A chorus of voices of support echoed across Hollywood, with many celebrities expressing solidarity with British actress Emma Watson, who drew heavy criticism from Israeli politicians after she posted on social media showing empathy for the Palestinian demonstrators in the occupied territories.

Many famous names including Charles Dance, Mark Ruffalo, Susan Sarandon and Peter Capaldi released a statement containing a message of solidarity with Palestine and Emma Watson, the star of the ‘Harry Potter’ film series.

“We stand with Emma Watson and join in meaningful solidarity with Palestinians fighting for human rights under international law,” said the statement signed by more than 40 film industry notables.

Last week, Watson shared a photo on his Instagram account, which read “Solidarity is a verb” with pro-Palestinian protesters in the background. Watson’s post drew backlash from Israeli officials, including Danny Danon, a former minister in former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, who accused Watson of anti-Semitism.

In the tweet, Danon also mentioned Watson, who is well known as a human rights defender and humanist, adding her handle.

“10 points off Gryffindor for being anti-Semitic,” Danon said, referring to the “Harry Potter” films in which the actress played the role of Hermione that made her famous.

After tweeting the hilarious accusation, the envoy was lambasted by social media users, even pro-Israel people who criticized him for damaging the reputation of the Middle Eastern country.

“Ratio,” many users have declared, using familiar Twitter lingo to refer to tweets so unpopular they only get a handful of likes and thousands of negative comments.

In their statement, Hollywood celebrities acknowledged “the power imbalance between the Israeli occupying power and the Palestinians under military occupation and the apartheid system”, referring to a report by Human Rights Watch (HRW) which highlighted the various crimes of apartheid and persecution of Israel. In the statement, the artists expressed their opposition to Israel’s attempts to forcibly evict Palestinian families from East Jerusalem and other occupied Palestinian territories.

False accusations of anti-Semitism have long been used by Zionist politicians to try to stifle any dissent in the face of Israeli atrocities, however illogical.

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