Hollywood stars

Hollywood stars, they are like us!

Look at some stars

Jennifer Lawrence fall, Kanye to hurry up Taylor Swift, Warren Beatty jerk off winner, John Travolta mispronunciation – stars, just like us, get drunk, just like us.

Goldie Hawn. Years ago. A “Kiss Me, Kate” summer job. The actor who played a strong man lost his loincloth so he took the stage in a girl’s leotard. Goldie “laughed so hard I pissed down my legs. It was visible so everyone said, ‘My God, what happened?’ But I did not flee the scene. I stuck it.

Earthquake in California. George Clooney ran outside without clothes but with his pet pig, Max. “My buddy Ben also came running around naked with a gun because he thought someone was breaking in. I was afraid we’d end up getting killed and they’d find two naked guys with a pig and a gun.”

Penn & Teller’s Penn Jillette“My worst job was as a nurse. I had to keep skin stains and human offal from clogging the drains.

Ashton KutcherThe worst was “skinning a deer for a local butcher”. He then won the Fresh Faces of Iowa modeling contest, started modeling in New York, started dating Half Moore and started to improve.

Frances McDormand waiting tables. Sharing an apartment in the Bronx with holly hunter“we used to have contests to see who would clean the bathroom the best. She always beat me — and I’m anal.

Martin Scorsese ensured that his “Gangs of New York” were historically accurate. However, a flag had 50 stars. The movie takes place before we have 50 states. In a scene set in 1862, the Brooklyn Bridge is depicted. It was finally built in 1883.

Heather Locklear. During the “Melrose Place” days, her skirts were short. “When I sat down I could feel my cheeks on the chair. I was worried not only about the camera seeing stuff, but about the team – although I don’t think they care. even care.

Russell Crowe crocheted while filming "Gladiator."
Russell Crowe crocheted while filming ‘Gladiator’.
ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

Russell Crowe – macho lead in “Gladiator” – crocheted between takes. De-stressing, it relieves waiting. Cameron Diaz, Uma Thurman, Naomi Campbell knit. julia robert: “When I go there, the first thing I do is find a knitting store.”

Yo-Yo Ma? Left his $2.5 million cello in a cab trunk while paying. A few minutes later, at the hotel, he asked: “The violin, are you okay?” The porter said, “Where? Fiddle was OK – better than Yo-Yo Ma.

Jude’s Law“I had a nude scene in the play ‘Indiscretions.’ The first night my character just got into the bath, our team had poured ice water.

Nicholas Cage“As a child, I had repetitive nightmares. A tall, laughing blonde woman in a gold bikini kept reaching out the window and snatching me out of the toilet.

Halle Berry“A lot of my life I dreamed that while I was talking my teeth started coming out of my mouth and I was running around trying to catch them.”

Chris Rock worked at a Red Lobster restaurant before becoming a star.
Chris Rock worked at a Red Lobster restaurant before becoming a star.
Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Kevin Bacon: “Every article about me uses ‘sizzling Bacon’ or ‘rameing home the Bacon.’ When I shot ‘The River Wild’ with Meryl Streep in Montana, a local restaurant put a Movie Star Special on the menu – “Hamburger with two Streeps of Bacon”. ”

Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp brought some very explicit photographs that they had taken at a one hour printer thinking no one would see them because the machines do all the processing. Back to collect the pictures, a beaming teenager smiled: “I loved your photos.

Chris Rock worked at Red Lobster. “Minimum wage. We couldn’t afford to eat there. A shrimp costs minimum wage. Since the kids don’t eat, I was always focusing on them saying things like, ‘Listen, don’t touch this scallop”. ”

David Schwimmer. 2003. LA Local Production. The action called for the actress to grab her “package.” She grabbed it. In his pants, he had secreted a big hard cucumber.

At least it wasn’t Only in New York, children, only in New York.