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Hollywood’s 10 Most Educated Actors

No one will pretend that people in the streets go to the dream factory set, but not everyone can show off their diplomas. Most Hollywood actors are only theater students and have a college degree or less. And more so, a few can boast of a Harvard degree and high IQ. Below is a list of the top 10 most educated celebrities.

1. Nathalie Portman

This smart Hollywood girl not only stars in films, but also writes screenplays and produces films. Who knows, maybe without her acting career, she would have become one of the online editors or a translator. From school, she became interested in science and was even part of a research team with eminent scientists, which allowed her to become co-author of works on the theme “Enzymatic production of” hydrogen”. Natalie also actively participated in science competitions. Of course, she graduated from high school with honors, which helped her enroll in Harvard and earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology. But the girl did not stop there – at the University of Jerusalem she studied Arabic, French and Japanese. This is in addition to the fact that she is fluent in English and Hebrew.

2. Jodie Foster


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Needless to say, this phenomenal woman managed to own two Oscars at the age of 30. At the same time, the movie star does not have specialized acting training. But she is so intelligent and has an incredible memory that she is fluent in English and French, knows Italian and also speaks a little German and Spanish. Her parents didn’t skimp on education: this gifted child studied at a prestigious private school in Los Angeles, then at Yale University.

3. Eva Longoria


We can disappoint you, but not this “desperate housewife”. The girl quickly rose to fame in Hollywood, not only for her beauty but also for her sharp wit. As proof – a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from Texas A&M University-Kingsville. Of course, she did not work as a doctor and did not study the psycho-emotional state of patients, and as part of a successful acting career, she went to study the history of the Mexican people in the graduate school of the University of California at Northridge.

4. Dolph Lundgren

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This American actor rose to fame for his roles in action films and even once played a Soviet boxer. The choice of the role is not accidental – the future actor is engaged in martial arts from childhood and even received the honor of becoming the captain of the US pentathlon team at the Olympics. He was also well known and popular in bodybuilding circles. But, despite his big size and a mountain of muscle, Dolph has a pretty high IQ. He studied at the University of Washington, the Royal Institution in Stockholm, the University of Technology in Sydney and the Massachusetts Institute in Boston. Overall, he was interested in chemistry, so he eventually got a master’s degree in chemical engineering.

5. James Franco

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This handsome Hollywood man is considered by many to be the most versatile educated actor in Hollywood. He not only plays very well in films, but also writes books and screenplays for films, films and produces them, and draws and teaches well as well. His education includes not only the University of California with a degree in English, but also Columbia University in the Masters of Literature program, as well as New York in the filmmaking class. In addition to attending lectures and seminars, a smart young man also has time to take an interest in painting. By the way, this fact is even confirmed by the film with his participation.

6. Ashley Judd

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As they say, if you want a smart, literate kid, put the TV away and surround it with books. Due to the poor financial situation of her childhood, little Ashley was surrounded only by books. The girl had fun reading them, playing the pages she had read with dolls. After successfully graduating from high school, she studied at the Faculty of French Language and Literature at the University of Kentucky. True, she had to take a leave from college, because after moving to Los Angeles, her acting career began to take off. The drama classes the girl attended contributed to this.

7. Stone of Sharon

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Holder of the title of Lady of the French Order of Arts and Letters, Sharon Stone was a shy girl in her childhood. She was more interested in books than playing games with her peers. In addition, his parents paid great attention to his education. After graduating from high school in Midville earlier than expected, she entered college in the drama department.

8. David Duchovny

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The star of the series X files and Californication studied at the school so brilliantly that he was given the opportunity to enter any university in the United States for free. Duchovny chose Princeton, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in pedagogy, after which he studied English literature at the graduate school of Yale University. During his student years he was writing short stories and preparing to defend his doctoral thesis in literature, until one day he was offered to star in a beer commercial, which radically changed his entire life.

9. Kate Beckinsale


Another intelligent polyglot. Graduated from the famous Oxford University and winner of the Honorary Award for Best Young Writers. Kate speaks four languages.

10. Cindy Crawford


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The smartest model in fashion history. After graduating from high school with the highest possible score, she won a free scholarship. Without thinking twice, Crawford decided to study engineering chemistry at Northwestern University. Alas, Cindy did not master the basics for long – she dropped out of school in favor of the modeling profession a few months after the start of the semester.

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