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Hollywood’s 8 Richest Retired Actors (And How They’re Making Their Riches Now)

Several Hollywood actors continue to make a fortune even after years of retirement.

Retirement is a funny thing in today’s society. Many of us celebrate the official end of daily work, just to re-enter the workforce in a new position in a year or two.

Celebrities have been known to announce their retirement and star in a movie five years later. Others choose to spend time raising children, starting a nonprofit, or finding more fulfillment behind the camera. In the world of Hollywood, it’s not uncommon for an athlete or movie star to make more money after retirement than before.

Check out these retired actors and actresses and what they’re up to today.


seven Cameron Diaz – $140 million

In 2014, the New York Gangs The actress has officially announced her retirement. In 2015, Diaz married Good Charlotte frontman Benji Madden and in 2019 the couple welcomed their daughter, Raddix. It’s fair to say that Diaz has been busy in her personal life, but that hasn’t stopped her from pursuing other projects. In 2020, the Charlie’s Angles star co-founded a clean wine brand called Avaline. According Distract, Diaz and co-founder Katherine Power said they want to make wine by their standards and for those who enjoy what they drink. Like many other A-list stars, Diaz is rumored to return to the big screen, opposite Jamie Foxx for a romantic comedy titled Back to action in 2023.

6 Gene Hackman – $80 million

In 2008, the then 78-year-old actor announced his retirement, simply due to his age and the desire to relax in his later years. However, the Superman star continued to share his talent in a different way. The Runaway Jury The actor had published three books with his writing partner Daniel Lenihan, starting in 1999 and Hackman continued his career with his latest book, Pursuit in 2013.

5 Karyn Parsons – $1.5 million

In the late 80s, Parsons began his television career with stints in CBS Summer Playhouse and Hunter but became a household name when she landed the role of Hilary Banks on The prince of Bel-Air. She continued to work in Hollywood, but found a love of writing along the way, eventually retiring from acting and working full-time for her non-profit organization Sweet Blackberry. The mission of the nonprofit Parson’s is to bring little-known stories of black achievement to children. Parsons writes and produces films and children’s books and in 2019, publishes her first novel, How high is the moon.

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4 Portia de Rossi – $50 million

The Development stopped The star and wife of comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres announced her retirement from acting in 2018. As she stepped away from film and television, de Rossi immediately began looking for a challenging project. to fill his time. As a former art student, the Scandal star has partnered with photography company Fujifilm to create a 3D technology called Synograph, for printed reproductions of paintings. Additionally, de Rossi spends a lot of time with her favorite charities, including the Best Friends Animal Society, the Humane Society, and the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund. The couple recently inaugurated a complex in Rwanda, designed for animal research and conservation.

3 Frankie Muniz – $30 million

The 36-year-old actor, musician, writer and producer is best known for his starring role in Malcolm in the middle. He then acted in a few films alongside Amanda Bynes and Hilary Duff, but in 2006 Muniz seems to have left Hollywood. He signed a two-year contract as a driver with Jensen Motorsport. In 2009, at the peak of his racing career, Muniz finished in the top ten for every race he entered, however, according to the Gazette Review, an injury disqualified him from finishing the season. While fans can still see Muniz in TV appearances, he now co-owns a specialty shop, Outrageous Olive Oils and Vinegars in Scottsdale AZ.

2 Daniel Day-Lewis – $60 million

Hollywood fans and friends were shocked when the three-time Best Actor Oscar winner retired from performing. Daniel Day – Lewis was known for his roles in New York mobsters, lincoln and The Last of the Mohicans among many others. Always a method actor, Day-Lewis would receive attention for his deep understanding of each role, even stepping back from the rest of the cast and crew on a film set, so as not to break character. In his effort to explore the world differently, Day-Lewis moved to Italy to apprentice under Stefano Bemer and learned how to make shoes. He returned to acting for a short time, but according to Celebrity Net Worthhe now divides his time between Ireland and North America, enjoying every minute of his retirement.

1 Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – $250 million each

In 2012, the twins officially retired as actresses, although their most famous joint role was that of Michell Tanner in Full house in the early 1990s. The women continued to work in show business for another ten years with their own production company, Dualstar Entertainment Group and created a series of TV movies and direct-to-video releases. Today, the sisters are focused on building their fashion empire, launching a fashion line for Walmart and a beauty line called Mary-Kate and Ashley: Real Fashion for Real Girls. Apart from fashion focused on girls aged 4-14, the twins also have high-end lines with Badgley Mischka, The Row and Elizabeth and James.

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