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I am a 52-year old woman who was previously married to a man with no sex. In February, I put myself on a dating website to find out if I could get over my constant horniness since it was so convincing on Dirty Roulette Dateblocker review. It had been many years since I was last able to get laid. I was matched last week with a 55 year-old man. He liked me because I had “lots and lots of best sex” as a key element in a relationship. After some small talk, I learned that he had experienced similar problems in his marriage, and had gone several years without sex. The texting then turned to sexting and we decided to meet up to see if it was a good match. We went to his house and, oh my God, it was a great experience. It was sensual and hot. I hadn’t realized how enjoyable sex can be. (It was always a chore when my ex wasn’t rejecting or shaming it). Based on his comments and sounds, he seemed to feel the exact same way. He did new things for me that I loved. Both of us agreed that we would like to meet again, both during and after the meeting. I later thanked him for the great afternoon and mentioned that I was more open to his ideas. I also wanted to meet again, in case it wasn’t obvious. Before signing off, he said that I was amazing and wanted to know more about me.

It’s been over a week and he hasn’t offered any suggestions about when we could get together again. He has sent a few messages to say sorry, but it was a short one. All I can recall is the episode “He’s Just not That Into You” of Sex and the City. In it, Berger told Carrie and her friends that if someone is truly into you, he will do whatever it takes to plan to see you again. This guy is busy with his business right now. I want to do it again. Now I feel like a crazy 22-year old girl, going over my date with my friends in excruciating detail trying to figure out his true meaning. Which I hate!

What is the proper etiquette? Are I being too impatient? Can I wait and see if a busy man will make the next invitation or do I just sit back? Can I ask him when he would like to screw up again? If he has changed his mind, he can let me know so that we can unmatch. We are both on the same page as each other, with our profiles indicating that we are looking for casual relationships. I’m not sure if he was lying about wanting to get together again, or how much he enjoyed it. Maybe I am fooling myself.

–Frustrated and insecure


You feel like you are preventing yourself from seeking out other partners by waiting for him. Monogamy is not necessary after one sexual encounter, unless it’s discussed in detail. This could mean that you put your desire to connect in to matching up with other people and practicing patience with this particular partner.

He is in contact with me, even if it’s only for a short time. It seems reasonable to accept his statement that he is interested but busy. Given his definition of casual, I wouldn’t push him to arrange a second date.

You haven’t dated for a while, and that includes your feelings. It’s all fresh again. Deepen your breathing and think back to other unpleasant emotions. Writing can help. Are you able to listen and ask questions that get to the heart of things? What about taking a shower or going for a walk as you think? Do it, no matter what it may be. As you improve your management skills, you’ll be better.

Sexual Advice

My current partner has a penis so large it could be called a ruler. There is no curve. It just sticks out at 90 degrees. He’s amazing! Some of the positions that I enjoyed with my previous partners, such as spooning and doggy style, don’t seem right for us angle-wise. Because he didn’t have much experience before our relationship, he doesn’t know what other options are than a girl on top or missionary. Do you have any suggestions?

It is possible to have a dog. If your navel tilts towards your tailbone, your pelvis can be curled under. You might feel more front wall if your pelvis is curled further. This is fine if it’s something you enjoy, but should be avoided if not. This position can be held by you or draped over a piece of furniture, such as a couch’s arm. You can then adjust your penis to the height of your vulvae. If you are standing straight up or leaned slightly backward, the girl on top will work. For balance and support, you might place your hands just above the meat’s knees. If you are bent forward at 90 degrees, you can probably use a side spoon.

You’ll find out what works best for your body combination by trying different things. If you like being silly, make a game out of it or just enjoy a cup of tea as you consider the spatial geometry.

How It Works

In the past 10 years, I have not been in a committed relationship. This was something I was okay with. Recently, I began casually hooking with a friend of my friend for a few years. The truth is, I don’t find him attractive but the sex is still very good. I think I have learned a lot about sex over the past 10 years. It’s 10 times more than it was when I was younger. Since I began sexing with this guy, have been very horny. I am now curious about having sex with other people. Although I thought I was responsible, I have been having unprotected sex since I was younger. I worry that my increased libido will lead to me in trouble. Although I’ve never been to casual sex, I feel like I’m about for a sexual coma. This doesn’t bother my other than the fact that it makes me feel bad about making decisions in bed, and that I will make poor choices when picking these men. I feel very trapped lately and would use any excuse to get outside. Do I need to try and stop myself? Or should I just let it go?

Bendering Over

It’s alarming to see you write a large paragraph and not acknowledge your agency until the last line. Although we cannot control what makes us happy or what we want, we can control how we act. Talk to a psychiatrist if you are unsure of your ability to stop yourself taking risksy actions, or actions that you consider “poor decisions”. A psychiatrist will be able to evaluate you for compulsive behaviors, not a therapist who just wants to map your friends and family. Mental health vulnerabilities can be brought to the forefront by large stressors, such as a pandemic. It’s important that you make this your top priority.

Let’s not make poor sex choices. You feel trapped: There are many activities that you can do out there without having to take sexual risks. You feel sexually stimulated: There are many options for solo stimulation. Flip a coin if you are having trouble deciding which route to take. Random selection is a good option if you don’t know where you want to go, but you don’t want the time to evaluate all of the toys and activities. It doesn’t matter if you visit a park, a museum, or purchase an anal plug or mini vibrator. Have fun and get out there.

How to Make it

I am a bisexual 28-year-old woman. When I was a teenager, my mom discovered that I was sexually infatuated with another girl. It was a horrible experience. My father was a homophobe and a conservative homophobe. This, along with other experiences with bi erasure led me to ignore my attraction to women or suppress it. I have never been in a long-term relationship with another woman nor had extensive sexual experiences. Every time I talk to a girl, it’s because I feel ridiculous for not having had any experience. I must learn how to communicate this with my female partners and be confident in dealing with these situations. I need to be able to have sex with women.

I am outgoing and love to socialize. I have a successful career and am considered to be conventionally attractive. Although sexiness is not something I enjoy, I find it embarrassing to admit that I’m a complete virgin when it comes down to having sex with women. You mean, hello? Who is into virgins anyway? When I tell someone I am a virgin, I fear they will turn me down. It’s a responsibility to share, and I struggle with telling potential partners. Although I would love to learn, I often feel awkward or strange when I go out with women. The moment comes when I have to say, “Hey, you must teach me everything.”

Do I have to go through the same awkward, horrible sex that I experienced when I was learning to interact with male bodies? How do you wear a strap-on? Is there an Lesbian Sex for Dummies Book? Are there any good sites that offer real lesbian sex? How can I communicate with my partners in a way that is authentic but doesn’t offend? What can I do to get rid of my coffin-tip nails Please help!

Figuring it Out

Let’s start with the nails, because I’m excited to answer a sex styling query. There is no need to lose your nails. Many sex workers do have them. I know of non-professional friends who have kept their nails long and used a lot of caution. There might be some learning curves. You have the option to go for a shorter, more rounded shape like squoval tips or round tips. You can also keep seven to eight long nails. The two closest to your thumb are the ones you will insert. If you feel the need to incorporate them, you can make the shorter ones shorter but decorate them the same as the longer ones. This can also signal to potential partners that your hands are comfortable in delicate areas, which may encourage them to begin a conversation. You could also trim your nails and attach the stickers tabs to them. Then, when you start foreplay, pop them off. Sticker tabs can be a bit tricky because the glue that is left on your nails can cause jaggedness.

What is a virgin? There are many opinions about where the boundary should be. Some claim to be revirginized and others see the hymen the mark of a woman’s worth. You’ll need to be able to apply your anatomical knowledge in practice. That’s the main point. Every date is different, so it’s important to choose a time when you feel comfortable discussing the topic. It’s possible to miss your window. You could also be rude if you don’t bring it up early. Write down what you are trying to communicate, then practice it several times. This could be done while you look in the mirror or with a friend. “I have some experience in expressing my attraction to other women,” or “I don’t know how to flirt with another woman” might be helpful. You can also find similar events at local sex shops and online if you are located elsewhere. K.D. Diamond’s Girl Sex 101 may be the Lesbian Sex For Dummies you are looking for. This book addresses many of your concerns such as flirting and the mechanics behind sex. Autostraddle also offers several additional recommendations if you wish to continue reading.

Keep in mind that you have a two-decade advantage in learning non-sexual body language and facial expressions from women in your local area. A strap-on, fist or other accessory may not be necessary for you. It is possible to love it or pull one out for your partner. It doesn’t mean you have to do everything. A solid base is essential to hold the phallus straight if you are going to use a strap-on. SpareParts Tomboi harnesses are my favorite, but you can also ask the manufacturer of your penis for help if you’re not sure which harness to choose. It’s important to take it slow and get to know your new appendage. Spend some time at home, with the appendage on. Accept the wobble. Accept the size of it. You might try some dancing with pelvic thrusts. Be patient and take the time to communicate with your partner. Good luck.

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