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Humble Hollywood Celebrities Who Drive Affordable Cars

If it’s a celebrity, they should have a fancy car parked in their garage. However, the case is a little different with these Hollywood faces. Take a look at 10 celebrities who drive affordable cars:

Celebrities who drive affordable cars

She leads the fashion industry with great ease and is recognized worldwide for her original styles. With an estimated net worth of over $ 150 million, it came as a shock to many when she received a speeding ticket Ford Truck.


Cameron may be out of Hollywood now, but she’s certainly earned enough wealth to feed her next generation. She led the 2000s with her eccentric romantic comedies and delivered several box office hits. However, given his commitment to the environment, Cameron is leading a Toyota prius.


the sexy back Hit-maker Justin Timberlake is a really straightforward man. He leads a low-key lifestyle away from the paparazzi in a small town in LA. To adjust to his modest standard of living, Justin drives a Volkswagen Jetta which he bought for around $ 16,000.


Celebrities who drive affordable cars

Leonardo sits on the board of directors of several organizations dedicated to environmental well-being. Although he is a big car enthusiast and owns a huge fleet of some of the most luxurious wheels, Leo uses his Toyota prius for his daily trips.


Celebrities who drive affordable cars

One of Hollywood’s gems, Tom Hanks is famous for his modest and down-to-earth nature. the Forrest Gump The actor has always chosen to lead a low-key life out of the limelight. Apparently Tom lives in a small town with his wife and drives a Toyota scion.


Looking at Zac, one could easily assume that he doesn’t drive a car slower than a Lambo. However, many were surprised to see him rolling in a Oldsmobile Alero. It was apparently Zac’s first car. Even after becoming a household name in showbiz, Zac continued to lead this former until he recently donated it to the Make A Wish foundation.


Jennifer Lawrence once topped Forbes’ list of highest-paid actresses with $ 46 million. She started her career quite young when she was just 22 when she won the Oscar for Best Actress for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook (2012). Now would you buy if we told you that such a big star rolls in a Volkswagen Eos for basic daily travel?


Celebrities who drive affordable cars

Christian Bale is one of the few Hollywood celebrities who show no sign of fame when in public. The black Knight The actor can often be seen driving his pickup truck on the streets of LA. Bale has a Toyota tacoma


Britney bought herself a Mini Cooper in the very early days of her career, which was a big deal for her. Despite being such a big name in showbiz, she still prefers to drive her non-flashy Mini Cooper.


Conan bought his first car, a Ford taurus long before he started his acting career. Despite the name and fame, Conan prefers to keep this sedan as a reminder of his roots and his struggle.

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