In the state of the coils, Vanity Fair ”s Awards Insider takes a look at the campaigns of some of this season’s biggest Emmy players, from favorites to underdogs, on streaming networks that are both established and brand new to the game. This first entry focuses on HBO Max, hoping to cause a stir during his first full year of eligibility.

One of the youngest streamers competing for the Emmys this year, HBO Max recently made headlines. Controversial simultaneous movie premieres. Discovery’s abrupt spin-off. The application crashes and bugs. (Besides personal: why do my subtitles keep switching automatically to Spanish?) Yet in terms of content, the WarnerMedia network doesn’t just seem well positioned; its list of eligible originals ranges from Emmy-related behemoths to critically acclaimed underdogs.

This despite a relatively small sample size. HBO Max has only released a handful of scripted originals for the prime-time Emmy, most of which compete as comedies; its sister network, HBO, is very competitive in dramas and limited series, minimizing category overlap between the two. (They operate under the same campaign umbrella and their FYC efforts are aligned.)

At the top of HBO Max’s post is one of its first originals, the one from last fall The stewardess featuring Kaley Cuoco. The zip-up black comedy mystery has already performed well on the awards circuit, garnering Best Series and Best Actress (or equivalent) nominations from the Golden Globes, Critics’ Choice Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards – Skepticism of the initial categorization be damned. “The stewardess has always been a concern for us just because it’s so different, ”said a source on WarnerMedia campaigns Vanity Lounge. “We knew it wasn’t a full-fledged drama, but is it a comedy? Where is it going? And where is it best placed? Obviously we landed on comedy and we were very happy with the success there. “

Cuoco seemed particularly well positioned ahead of the September Emmys, with its main competition, Catherine o’hara– have won all of the above ceremonies for the final Schitt Creek season — away. She was the favorite… until HBO Max fielded an even stronger player. Jean Smarttitanic performance as legendary Vegas comic in the network Hacks now seems to be the uncontrollable favorite of the main actress of the comedy. Word-of-mouth success, which was created just weeks before the Emmy eligibility deadline, may come as a surprise in other places as well, as its fan base appears to continue to grow. (As always, the lack of audience figures from streaming outlets like HBO Max proves difficult in any analysis of its profile. But we continue.)

Both Flight attendant and Hacks should be safe bets for the top tier and their advances, in part because they enter a historically open race, with all but one of the nominees from last year’s standout comedy series ineligible for this tour. It’s unusual for several first year comedies to erupt massively, but this year it’s basically a guarantee. (Ted Lasso, (Lest you forget, will almost surely win the main prize.) As a result, the question for HBO Max’s two main comedies is how well they can run.

The streamer cleverly submitted a very limited number of episodes on the writing and directing ballot for both shows, maximizing their chances of individual recognition in each. “You don’t want to cannibalize so much where none of your writers get enough votes to be on the nominations,” the source said. “We have a strategy as a network, but [if] we don’t submit a particular writer or director, they are always free to submit themselves. (Here it looks like Max’s official submissions were all that ended up making the cut.)

The stewardess has the most prominent cast. This could ironically work against his supporting actresses – with Rosie Perez, Zosia Mamet, and Michelle gomez all compete in the same category and none stand out, do they cancel each other out? – or, if the love is really there, make an explosive debut at the Emmy. And Hacks there is also a group that fights for the slot machines, with (one can argue that it is a colead) Hannah einbinder on the support bubble. Those inside the countryside carry dizzying hope, especially for the scene thief. Meg Stalter, an intriguing long shot.

Streamer strongly backs cast for third comedy, the new Made for love. Cristin Milioti is also circle this lead actress field – tight, as only five stars will be nominated there based on the number of people on the ballot – while Ray romano looks like a potential supporting actor candidate. Original films including the saga of road trips for teens Not pregnant and the Ben falcone the comedy Super intelligence are consistent with the TV movie and may appear in a few categories. (For today’s dose of Emmy weirdness, consider that Melissa McCarthythe performance of the latter is eligible in the same category as Kate winslet for Easttown mare.) HBO Max’s dramas, however, won’t take much into account; gender-rich entries Raised by wolves and Fate Patrol aren’t exactly to the taste of Television Academy, and haven’t received any substantial FYC pushes over HBO’s serious competitor, Lovecraft Country.

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