Ireland ranks fifth out of 15 countries for face mask adoption, according to a new study from comparison site

The global study included a survey of 1,211 Irish adults, revealing that 84% had a specified face mask.

Sheet masks are the most popular type of mask in Ireland, with 42% of the adult population owning one, followed by blue surgical masks (32%), homemade masks (11%) and medical grade masks (11%).

The report also finds that women are more likely than men to own a face mask – 90% vs. 81% – and that those aged 55 to 64 are leading the pack in face mask adoption at 91%. .

Among the countries included in the study, the UK ranked number one at 97%, followed by South Africa at 90%, the Philippines at 87% and Mexico at 85% for adoption of face masks.

Meanwhile, Singapore with 76%, New Zealand with 71% and Australia with 58%, had the lowest face mask possession rates.

All countries except the Philippines prefer either a cloth face mask or a blue surgical face mask.

The study also found that cloth face masks are most prevalent in the United States, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Canada and the United Kingdom, while the blue surgical mask is most common in Singapore, Hong Kong, France, Italy, Spain, New Zealand and Australia. During this time, Filipinos are the most likely to own a face shield.

Trendy or branded face masks are most popular in the UK at 25 percent, followed by the US and South Africa at 12 percent, Canada at 11 percent and Ireland percent .

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